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I have light/soft facial hair so you aren’t able to see very clearly in the video. In the box, you get one 1.69 fl oz (49.9ml) tube of facial hair removal cream, one 1.69 fl oz tube of gentle finishing cream and an application spatula. Currently retailing at just over $10, I got mines at HEB with 25% off coupon 06/25/2016.

Cost Effective
Finishing Cream – pleasantly scented and leaves skin moisturized
Quick – works in 2 – 10 minutes
Spatula – superfluous to requirements (in my opinion)
Odour – smells abit stinky like that rotten eggs smell
Burning sensations

Overall for me the product does a good job of removing facial hair. If you have thin/light facial hair like me, remove after 2-3 minute to avoid the burning sensation and redness. It isn’t that bad really, I would purchase this product again!

Let me know if you have any questions about the product used in the comments below, also, SUBSCRIBE for more reviews/demos. Thank you!


Laser Hair Removal

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