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Suzie demonstrates how to create short nails that don’t look stubby in this step by step tutorial.
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by Koko & Claire
#129 Kiss Me
#081 Fizz
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

25 replies
  1. yupyup1562
    yupyup1562 says:

    Now that is the perfect shape for me. They still give the illusion of length while allowing for the ease of everyday life. I do have to say, you and cameraman do an excellent job putting together very professional videos that are instructive and fun to watch. Thank you for another great one.

  2. Amanda Hales
    Amanda Hales says:

    Suzie love this video n cameraman got all the gr8 close ups, please cud u do this up close n personal style in gel as my nails hav been awful. These look like a gr8 starter, thank u both 4 makin nails user friendly xxxxxx

  3. Nunnuv Yorbizniz
    Nunnuv Yorbizniz says:

    lol these "short" nails are the length my nails are when I consider them LONG! My natural nails, to be exact. Right now they're short, which I consider the be when the nail is flush with the tip of the finger. Very short is when the nail is below the fingertip.

    Anyway, great video as per usual. I'm an artist (drawing/painting) and have always loved the craft or art of well done acrylics/gels and often wish I'd gotten into it as a career. The main thing is that I'm not a "people person" and was turned off by the fact that I'd need a clientele. Nowadays that part of it doesn't bother me too much. Alas, i just turned 39 and think it's prob too late. I think I'll mess around with acrylics at home on my mom though. She likes this sort of thing

  4. Alex M.
    Alex M. says:

    Jeez all the acrylic powders I have dry soo much faster than this…I need to get some different products. you actually have time to work with your beads..mine are too hard to move after like less than 10 seconds 😫

  5. Beena Aamer
    Beena Aamer says:

    Suzie I want to ask about gel polish about light colour or neutral colours they look watarery and show lines on it if thicker layer Put it on it comes off kindly can you show applying of neutral gel polish on natural nails I am really thankful I am a manicurist

  6. 0 MewScribbles
    0 MewScribbles says:

    I love these back to basic style vids! Need more of these related to gel and gel extensions! Also I usually wear my nails long but yesterday I felt like short nails all of a sudden so I did mine short too! Well my short was #3 but what a coincidence anyway !

  7. Bethinski
    Bethinski says:

    Well this was a perfectly timed video. I wear my nails long and square but I need to shorten them and always hate how they look short. I'll be giving this a go at the weekend!

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