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Hello everyone! today’s video was something i thought could help a lot of people out! Te all have hair in places where we necessarily wouldn’t want them. Making wax at home is SUPER EASY and very economical.

Just follow the steps in the video and you’ll have wax ready in just under 10 minutes

1 cup Sugar
1/4th Cup lemon juice
1/4th Cup water
1 spoon honey
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Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Momna Imran
    Momna Imran says:

    This worked well for me. Thank you for sharing ❤️
    P. S. storing the wax in neutella jars is a great idea. Plus they're microwave friendly I can easily reheat my wax in it

  2. Summra Waqar
    Summra Waqar says:

    Salam, the wax you made is okay for body but you can’t use it on your face; face wax is different wax which you remove without strips( any kind of) with your hands.
    So anyone out there is going to try this thing on his face; don’t even give a try, you are gonna regret it.

  3. Ruhi amreen
    Ruhi amreen says:

    Sharam nhi hai pakistani hoke muslim hoke eyebrow banati ho upper lip karvati hooo aur ilzam india kai muslim pai laga te hoo na he burqa pehenthi ho na tum na tumhare maa daag hoo tumlog muslim kai naam pai

  4. Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan says:

    anushaye khan you aRe sOoO preety your video is so amazing i am gurk my namei iv Nimra i really like you are mY beEst vlog may Allah bless you 💜💜💜💜 and Allah give you a success aMeEn 💞💞

  5. mrs. Asim simo
    mrs. Asim simo says:

    Do an asos haul … But with a twist … Buy things how most of the pakistani's will buy … And plx do tell how u order from asos which medium u use for online shopping … Thx. U r good … 🙂 good luck for future

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