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Let’s have a cup of tea together and chat about love.



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My name is Lucy, I’m a Dutchwoman here to offer an alternative approach to beauty.

On this channel I do mostly hair tutorials where I show you how to braid, pin and style your own hair. I recreate hairstyles from movies, tv shows or history and I regularly come up with my own, which I love to share with you!

I really enjoy diving into history to find out how women went about their beauty and dressing rituals in days past. Vintage and history-themed videos are my little passion project.

You’ll find a bit of lifestyle content here as well, ranging from cozy chats over a cup of tea (my beloved Tea Time videos) to personal vlogs and home & interior videos.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

32 replies
  1. Strawberry 1
    Strawberry 1 says:

    My sister met her husband in school. They dated from seventeen years old but had been school mates for years. They broke up at age 21 just to see if they should date other people and quickly realised that they only wanted to each other. They have been married many years now and are very happy. I wish you and Robert every happiness in the future.

  2. mce1939
    mce1939 says:

    Fun video! Awww, so cute Robbert wrote you a song! Also a high school sweetheart here…first date was February 1995, never broke up, married in 2004, had our only child in 2010. Twenty five years later we're still going strong as an old married couple 🙂

  3. Elizabet Gyémánt
    Elizabet Gyémánt says:

    I am together with my boyfriend for 3 years now, and once I broke up with him for 2 months, and had an experience with an other guy, I was so curious. It ended up getting back together with my boyfriend, I missed him so much, and I'm really not interested about other guys anymore. but about girls.. I often dream about it, because of the desire that I cannot fulfill, only in my dreams, beacuse I could not end up my relationship

  4. Rainy Day Wolf
    Rainy Day Wolf says:

    I think that finding a partner it's pretty tricky. I remember really nice things about my first boyfriend but I think I would have missed so much great experiences I've had after him (including sexual) if I would have stayed with him… There were also very controlling and problematic stuff about him that I didn't realize were terrible but years after it ended. I do think it gets harder to find a partner because you become more aware of red flags, more selective and you become more callous. But sometimes you mess up and fall for the wrong person anyway, it leaves you in a bad place thinking back about a previous partner when you thought that good stuff about him would be the norm and is just not, there's no way to go back. The choice of having different experiences is very relative that way.

  5. La Sphynge
    La Sphynge says:

    You sound like you're very mature when it comes to that topic. You're the type of person that I want to surround myself with, now that I have grown to feel this stability in myself and my relationship too. Then again it's all based on appearances in a video, but you sound like a no-nonsense person who knew early on what to expect and look for in a relationship, and found it. I'm happy for you, and grateful that you shared these few personal facts about yourself. 🙂

  6. Megs n Bacon
    Megs n Bacon says:

    My husband and I started dating in highschool, and we were each other's first real relationships. (We each had one gf/bf before each other but it was dumb highschool stuff so we don't count it really). If it works it works. I don't feel like I've ever missed out on anything.

  7. roxana
    roxana says:

    I made a cup of coffee 🤗. You are a lucky girl. I was in high school with my husband, but we are not high school sweethearts. Either way we have been together for almost 12 years already. We are both lucky👏👏🤗🥰

  8. Lauren Michele
    Lauren Michele says:

    My relationship is quite similar to yours! I met my boyfriend in high school when I was 17 and he was 16, and we are still together today and are now 25 and 24 🙂 We are both so happy together, and I have no desire to date anyone else just to have the "experience", but feeling the pressure to date other people was definitely something that gave me a lot of anxiety early in our relationship.

  9. Mary S
    Mary S says:

    You haven't missed out on anything you'd want. Breakups are horrible. You have what other people wish they had – we're the ones who missed out.

  10. Uru
    Uru says:

    I completely understand your point on not having experienced other relationships, I am exactly in the same boat as you, we started dating when I turned eighteen and our relationship just turned 9 in January. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out but I cannot imagine myself with anyone else nor I have any desire to step out of this happy boat haha.

    I really resonated with your answers to these question, beyond the romantic theme I also appreciate the mental health branch and healthy relationships in general that you talked about.
    Great video as usual! A particularly enjoyable tea time, I hope you have a nice valentines day even if you don't celebrate it tomorrow!

  11. yoonicorny
    yoonicorny says:

    I have a very similar situation to you, my current partner is my first serious relationship, we have been together since I was 16 (8 years in June) and we also met in high school 😁 I also have those thoughts sometimes when I wonder if having more experiences with different relationships is important but I feel that I'm in a really happy relationship with someone who is both my boyfriend and my best friend and would never want or see myself with another person. I guess these sort of "doubts" or thoughts are normal ☺️

  12. blah blah
    blah blah says:

    After watching videos on onision, incels, trump, the irish elections, and other hapoy fun time shit like that, ive been burnt out, this was a breath if fresh air!

  13. manalika27
    manalika27 says:

    I've been following you for almost ten years now, on and off, and the one big striking change I have noticed is how much your English has improved over time, which is very inspiring to me. I struggle to learn new languages, and it is very encouraging to see your progress! Can you share your thoughts in a video on what might have been the factors responsible for your progress? Those would be very insightful and helpful. Thank you!

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