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I wouldn’t be surprised if George RR Martin drew inspiration for the Lannister children from the real historical Borgia family, with all their scheming and scandal. Both have great hair too!

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Difficulty: Easy
Hair Length: at least bra strap length (BSL)
Materials: decorative clips, bobbypins, small hair elastic, hair extensions strongly recommended
Skills needed: French braid
Time cost: 10-25 minutes
ideal hairtype: curly

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  1. Melynia Andalasia
    Melynia Andalasia says:

    Hi everybody ! I may have one question about the hair extensions that are used in this video. I'd like to buy one of them but I don't really know what type of extension could fit to me. My hair is naturally wavy (even curly) that is the reason why I wonder : should I buy some curly hair extension or a normal straight hair extension would be good enough ?

    (I'm french and english is not my mother tongue. Please do not hesitate to correct any mistake I may have done ^^)

  2. Emma D.
    Emma D. says:

    this video is amazing so I subscribe at once !
    I think you're well aware of it but just in case, there is a mistake in your "name" ("Silvousplaits) ; in fact it should have been written : "silvousplait" as it is a french phrase (i'm french). if you have already known it, sorry for telling you this

  3. Tepe Hall
    Tepe Hall says:

    Love it, but sadly I'm not a big fan of using extensions, even with the thin hair that I have. do you have any tips on making the braid look full without using extensions?

  4. ContessaNera
    ContessaNera says:

    I have a piece of hair extensions that is slightly too short to go with my natural hair… but it could come in handy for this hair style, which I love and could actually wear any day at work with a couple alterations. Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Rachel Weaver
    Rachel Weaver says:

    Thank you for the tutorials! I used this hair style for my cousin's wedding and got a lot of compliments! I also found you can French twist the remaining hair to keep it off your neck when you're hot from dancing and it still looks good!

  6. teresalamala
    teresalamala says:

    as always, great work!! 🙂 could you please do a tutorial (or even a small series!) on historically accurate medieval hairstyles? Every year I have a medieval fair and I'm running out of hairstyles

  7. Yes Idid
    Yes Idid says:

    Oh, this is an absolutely beautiful hairstyle. You're very skilled! Shows like the Borgias and the Tudors always have really lovely hairstyles, so I really love seeing them replicated like this.

  8. ayame80
    ayame80 says:

    Thanks for this nice tutorial. By the way – besides the HBO show, there is also a European Borgia series which also features great hairstyles. I recommend watching it!

  9. Valkyrie Strokes
    Valkyrie Strokes says:

    I have been waiting a long time for theeeeese! Can u make some of the ones which use a pearled snood? I am currently crocheting one because I want to use regularly some of those hairstyles….

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