Melted (Wicked) Witch of the West Makeup Tutorial

Seeing green for this version of a glam & gore tutorial. For the glammers, I go over the process to do your makeup like Elphaba from the book and Broadway play, Wicked. For the gore lovers, I teach you how to do a very easy special effects inspired look from the classic Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West as she melts. Which witch (heheh) will you choose?

Green aquapaint – The exact one used on Broadway I believe is MAC’s Chromacake in Landscape Green (Pro color), but if you google water activated paints or aquapaints, you’ll find a lot of different brands make them
Sugarpill pro palette “midori” to set everything, “tako” and “mint soda” loose shadow for highlighting
@hairhegoes from Instagram- custom wig, hair provided by @powderroomd on Instagram
NYX Cosmetics “Cold Hearted” WICKED Lippie, hehe.
Pinky Paradise geo princess Mimi apple green contacts
Makeup Geek “corrupt” eyeshadow for contour
Eldora False Lashes in b178
Tarte black eyeliner clay pot for brows and liner

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  1. Annie Cabot
    Annie Cabot says:

    I've scrolled through mykie's videos before a few times and don't remember seeing this one, was it taken down by youtube then put back up? or did I really not see this

  2. Bear Bear
    Bear Bear says:

    I love wicked went to see it for a field trip in my chorus and it was the first live show I've seen…..blew my mind!!!! I want to see it again so badly though the songs and the acting and everything was just so incredible it was honestly mesmerizing

  3. Hailey Miller
    Hailey Miller says:

    Hi Mykie you might never see this cuz this video is pretty old but you should totally do a series of looks inspired by musicals!!! Just a few ideas would be the phantom of the opera, the ghost of Connor from Dear Evan Hansen, the ghost of Heather Chandler from Heathers, Carrie, and Jonny Warner from the show Zombie Prom! Idk I thought it would be a cool idea cuz I’m such a musical theatre nerd 😅

  4. Shelby Whitlatch
    Shelby Whitlatch says:

    Its so crazy to think this is the first video I ever watched. Ive been watching your videos for at least 3 years maybe 4 and weird i found your videos while looking up stuff for homecoming my freshman year in high school and now im in college. I just wanna say thank you and how thankful I am to have found your channel and that you are still doing videos today. You are amazing girl and cant wait to see the videos to come! So yeah thank you for being you and hope you keep making videos regardless of what anyone might say!

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