I Shave My whole face | Tinkle razor full review + Demo


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I Shave My whole face | Tinkle razor full review + Demo

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  1. Kumar Anand Raj
    Kumar Anand Raj says:

    Girls!!!… Please dont use razors …You will regret later… It will make your skin rough and also facial hair will grow more and more.. It is proved…And if you are fit and healthy… you will never get facial hair (here i refer to girls only) Facial hair grows only to those girls, who have hormonal imbalance and…Please girls dont use it.. I will not get any benefit by it.. It's definitely your choice but i suggest you not to do it… BE BATURAL , BE GENUINE AND BE WHAT YOU ARE ..Inner beauty is much more important than outer which is rare nowadays..Youtuber can show any product good or bad based on how much sponsor amount they get from the product or shopping site.. All reviews are generally biased nowadays.. "Sab kuchh bikta hai"

  2. Anant Kumar
    Anant Kumar says:

    Hey Diiii
    Pllzz tell me should I start Shaving if i'am 14 years old…My upper lips hair are really Thick I really wanna remove them…But I am just really scared that what if it increases my hair growth of if It makes my skin Weird or make my skin like mens skin when they shave cause you know they have a cast of weird skin …Plzzz tell me

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