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Simple and painless natural remedy to remove unwanted facial hair.

Kuppaimeni – 2 handful bunches
Kasturi Manjal – 100 gms

Medical benefits of kuppaimeni (poonai vliangi)

Used in bed-sour treatments.
Used in some poisonous attacks treatments.
Used in skin treatments
Used in chest congestion due to flum.
This juice cures stomach related problems.
Totally it takes part in about 4440 ayurvedic medicines.

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  1. Nithya Srivastav
    Nithya Srivastav says:

    Namaskaram Mami. In our garden we grow this plant in a small space and we prepare powder from dried leaves often. As you said, it is good. I used this powder with turmeric (kilangu manjal) when i had some allergy in my skin and got cure. It was my grandmother's idea and from than on we use this regularly. Thank you for sharing such nice tip for the benefit of others too. Thank you.

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