Subtle Easy Brown Daily Makeup Tutorial Using drugstore products (WATSON, GUARDIAN, SUPERDRUG UK)

Hey guys, so this is my first ever makeup tutorial video , but i did a hijab tutorial video before this. the link is down below.
Go check it out here : *hijab tutorial* *bungee jump*

For this makeup tutorial video, I am really sorry for the quality of the video, as well as the lighting, cause ya know AMATEUR! hahah! It takes lots of courage and confidence to actually be talking in front of the camera, Im glad i survived! yay me!! haha.

So yeah, let me introduce myself first! Im Amalyna but you can call me Amal, a Stylist & designer by profession, (hijab stylist) but Im also a makeup artist and an entrepreneur. YES, I MULTITASK!
*Well actually still figuring out which one is my forte and which one should i do for living. Lols.*

So as i mentioned in the title, its a subtle makeup look, so i’ve been donning this look whenever i go out for events or meeting friends, its super easy , fast and the best part is, all the products used is affordable and easy to find! Its suitable for all you newbies out there! So hope you’ll enjoy and try out this makeup look! I promise to create better videos and better tutorials after this! *WITH GOOD LIGHTING AND BETTER MAKEUP! HAH! But please help & support my effort! lols!



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Thanks loves!