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Eyebrow Video:
APEX Scissors:
Groom Mate:
In this video professional men’s grooming and style expert, aaron marino, talks about the different ways and methods of removing unwanted nose and ear hair. Nose hair waxing, nose hair electric trimmers, the groom mate and the nose hair snub nose scissors are all great options to eliminate nose hair. Men’s grooming guru, Aaron Marino of Alpha m and , also talks about how to remove the unwanted hair from the top or tip of the outside of your nose. Nose hair stinks but grooming it doesn’t have to. Groom it, trim it, clip it but never skip it!
Nose hair is often over-looked, frequently forgotten, and always distracting. You HAVE to manage the hairs in your nose! Aaron Marino of alpha m. recently covered
Alpha now covers the pros and cons of various tools to manage nose hair:
waxing- incredibly fast and effective but it’s not an exact science, hurts, and costs each time battery or electric powered nose hair trimmer- fast but can tear, nick, or clip man powered trimmer- effective but has a learning curve nose hair trimming scissors- incredible control and not expensive but can take longer and not as close as other methods

Another aspect of nose hair grooming that Alpha covers is the little black hairs that grow on the top of your nose. Alpha suffers from it. Facial hair wax strips are the method of choice for this type of hair removal. Warm, peel, lay wax on tip of nose, smooth, and then remove. All of the little hairs are gone!

Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Robert Graves
    Robert Graves says:

    Thanks!! I recently ordered the one that has a little handle on it for pinching it to rotate the blade in side. I had to laugh, because when I first saw this, I thought of B.O. Plenty, a comic from the dark ages. He had tons of hair sticking out of his nose and ears. When I say "tons," I means hair so long and thick, he could have combed it!! Thanks for the very informative video! (That comic was from the days when I was a kid, and Fearless Fosdick was a part of that comic theme!)

  2. AxACExA
    AxACExA says:

    I’ve had a couple of wilder beast for teachers, damn I thought they were human lol but I knew something was off no1 should have that much hair up there and in the ears too!!!

  3. Ricardo Galindo
    Ricardo Galindo says:

    For women is the tiny hairs on their lips. There are times when one can see them when a woman doesn't trim them or cover them up with make up correctly. LoL! A coworker of mine once said that the school psychologist, I'm a teacher, once said that she noticed that the school psy had a thin mustache on her lip. LoL! She called her a "but-her-face" after. LoL! The school psy is very pretty, but I guess any small imperfection makes it more noticeable on her face. XD especially if one is attractive. Also! Most women noticed everything! Especially nose and ear hairs. Has to be taken care of.

  4. sideskraft
    sideskraft says:

    Holy smokes, you're one hairy dude. Your hairline looks artificial it's so low — toupe! Maybe recent family descendant from gorilla? LOL, good video on the basics of removing nose hair.

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