Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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Exuviance Sheer Daily Protector SPF 50 PA++++: (Ulta)
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

48 replies
  1. Life with Jimmy
    Life with Jimmy says:

    I just started using tetrinoin 0.025 strength every night as directed. It’s made my complexion look ruddy n older!!!! 😳what am I doing wrong? I use a pea sized amnt and moisturize too! Please help! My dr prescribed it for wrinkles!!

  2. MonikaMc1
    MonikaMc1 says:

    Hi Angie: Do you have a more recent video/update on your Anti Aging Skincare Routine? Above was filmed in May 2016 – any newer one? If there is one, I might have missed it, sorry. But, if you do have a newer one, could you send a link?
    Love your videos. I am 72 and been fighting getting older skin etc. all the way…..

  3. Alana L
    Alana L says:

    Question: I just purchased my first vit c serum and I looked to see if it had the acid you mentioned, it does. It does not have vit e. If my moisturizer that I apply after the serum has vit e will it have that super charge affect you mentioned? 🙂 also, I wish I’d seen your retinoids video before I purchased my retinol miosterizer! I think I got a fairly good one, but may have made a different choice had I watched that vid first…I’m 36, a sun worshipper too! Lol I don’t see sun damage but I do think I have more fine lines than I should. My husband is 40 and he has NO lines on his for head when face is relaxed…I do. 🙂

  4. Liza Day
    Liza Day says:

    New subscribers here. Love all your info and the research you do! I was wondering what your opinion on micro needling is? With a professional or the at home products.

  5. Rebs
    Rebs says:

    Wow, excellent information here. As a professional esthetician, you’ve hit the nail on the head. And clearly the proof is your beautiful face!

  6. Alissa Carissimi
    Alissa Carissimi says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love your videos, but I have a question. I just turned 31 (I know poor me ;-)) and was a former smoker. Having said this, I have quit and run regularly and noticed I now have fine lines on my forehead, creases on my neck, and my eyes look tired. I've always used antiaging creams (olay micorsculpting, loreal regenerist) and sleep on my back. Do you think it is too soon to start fillers or botox? Also, in retrospect, what products would you have used at my age to further prevent aging?

  7. Christina Possa
    Christina Possa says:

    I was watching some of your videos over the weekend when I noticed my husband looking over at my iPad screen, so I said: "Can you believe she's in her mid-50's?!". He replied "Really?! Wow, she looks amazing!". Me: "I KNOOOOOW!!! I hope I look that good at that age." I'm 37 and started to feel some serious concern when looking at my face in the mirror – mostly when wearing makeup. I sunbathed like you, but I stopped that in my early 20's and ceased wearing make-up on a daily since I was 28 and I feel as though that helped save my skin a little, but the damage was done (plus, I still got a few sunburns since then). In addition, I am TERRIBLE at skin routines – I only last a couple of days! Anyway, all this to say, I have watched all your skin routine videos and noted all the products down (I already have the Nuface device, yay!). I'm gonna do this! I wanna look as good as you when I'm in my mid-fifties. Okay, granted, I still have to go through the whole pregnancy thing, but I'm gonna try to take care of myself better…so thank you for showing me the way.

  8. R Mari
    R Mari says:

    Hi Angie, love your videos! Always so well done and full of info. I also have sensitive skin and rosacea. I am currantly using a topical med for that. So i am concerned about using too many different products. My biggest concern are pores and horrible bags on upper and lower lids. If i had to minimize what i started with, what would you recommend? Thanks in advance😊

  9. elissa cowan
    elissa cowan says:

    I have used your recommended morning and evening products except for retina. i just got a prescription for retina and I need something for my lip lines which are ugly. what do i use

  10. monica roy
    monica roy says:

    I am 35 n want to know if I can use timeless vitamin c 20% with the olay regenerest micro sculpting serum as it has niacinamide n we hear all that talk about not combining vitamin c with niacinamide?

  11. Melinda Holder
    Melinda Holder says:

    Thoughts on Claris Double Serum? I have been using basically all the products as you, and have seen no improvements. I think Curology is beginning to work. But the Clarins Double serum during the day is the on,y thing that truly hydrates my dry skin. What do you think about the ingredients in it? Thanks

  12. subliminal princess aesthetic
    subliminal princess aesthetic says:

    Girl you minds well stop all of this its a lie just because you put some face wash on don't mean you'll look younger just face the fact that your getting older and accept it theres nothing wrong with getting older everybody has to at some point it's apart of the life cycle your young then you get older and you get wrinkles putting a face wash on won't help it it's mostly gentetics that make you look younger or older . So just be happy your older stop trying to look young i get that you wanna look good but after awhile looks fade knowledge last forever. All this stuff your using won't help to be honest your gonna get wrinkles and get older no matter what it's apart of the human body

  13. Dianne mcdonald
    Dianne mcdonald says:

    Just found your videos. At 71, sadly, I just started doing something. The effects from not taking care of my skin have become fully evident in the last two years especially. Three weeks in I'm pleased with the small results with expensive serum and retinol complex but I need something less expensive for long term. And I needed to know how to use them. Thanks much!

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