Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

Product Consistency Practice Sheet

Items used:

💗#10 Oval Kolinsky:

💗opi bubble bath:

💗cuticle pusher: Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle…

💗nail clipper: Ultra Straight Cut Toenail Clipper



💗Nail drill:
Promo code: NATALI

💗Drill bits
💖180 Sanding bands: AKOAK 100 Pcs/Lot #180 Grit File Sand Piece Set Nail Art Professional Sanding Bands Brown Pieces Gel File Gel Polish Remover Manicure Pedicure Nail Machine Nail Tools

💖Fine Drill Bit: Pana 3/32″ Safety Nail Carbide…

💖Xcoarse Drill Bit: Pana Brand Professional GOLD XXC…

💗100/100 nail files:

💗 Nail Tips, nail clippers and buffers :

💗KDS Glue:

💖Mia secret:
🍁🍁Promo Code: GetNailed🍁🍁
💖AB Glitter Acrylic:
🍁🍁Promo Code: getnailedME🍁🍁

💗Gel Polish: Madam Glam Gel polish:
🍁🍁PROMO CODE: GetNailed🍁🍁

💗uv/led light: 54W UV Led Nail Lamp Nail Gel Light Professional Nail Art Lamp Curing Nail Light,Led Nail Polish Dryer Curing Lamp Plus Gloves Gift for Gel Manicures

💗 Zulay nail adhesive:


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

46 replies
  1. Kellie Flannery
    Kellie Flannery says:

    This could sound dumb af not doing nails long only got my stuff at Christmas but have been watching nail videos the past like 2 years and I’ve never heard of putting acetone into monomer to help it set quicker and I really don’t understand would it not do the opposite cause acetone softens acrylic to remove it so how does it make it set quicker I’m so confused

  2. babygirl k
    babygirl k says:

    you do your nails perfect but it looks like you just rush on everybody else’s like you been slacking!!! i use to love watching your videos and you made me wanna start doing nails!!! i’m not even trying to be rude or disrespect you! i’m just saying you do some of them really really good but then some others 🥴

  3. Crystal P
    Crystal P says:

    I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now & I absolutely lovvvvveeeeeee your work! Watching your videos showed me how to make the perfect apex! But I noticed you didn’t mention where you bought your neon rhinestones from. I’ve been looking for a good deal online that I can trust, but I haven’t found one. So I was wondering where did you get yours from?

  4. Idalia Lopez
    Idalia Lopez says:

    Hi Nat- I admire your work and I wanted to ask where do you get the Chanel Logo dripping sticker that you used , I cannot find. Thanks, and keep doing an amazing job!

  5. Kelley Taylor
    Kelley Taylor says:

    Yes you are a very great and talented teacher! I appreciate how you go into every detail which has helped me and I’m pretty sure a lot of other people. I really love this set so I’m going to try it on myself after my valentines set lol but I’ll be sure to tag you in it once I do! Love you girl ❤️

  6. Beauty N the Beat
    Beauty N the Beat says:

    Hey I’m a beginner here too. I’ve been watching your videos for a week now and I’ve just ordered the Mia Secret nail kit. I LOVE 😍 your channel. Can you do a video of a full set with ombré jelly gel nails with the Markartt polish?? 💅🏽

  7. Nicki G.
    Nicki G. says:

    Love the video! Can you make a video on how to not curve the nail when doing them? When I used to go to the shop, my nails looked like hooks at medium length cause they curved,

  8. javay baires
    javay baires says:

    Hey sweetie i havent been on here for a Minute is that an engagement ring on your finger if it is congratulations love all your videos girl keep doing what you’re doing

  9. Red Poetry
    Red Poetry says:

    If you don’t mind sculpting, I would not take the shorter nail off. I would just take a form and add a little length on the tip and be done with it. Much easier. Or you could just freehand the length. I do that too. I’ll just build up the length a little bit with just acrylic and no form.

  10. Red Poetry
    Red Poetry says:

    Very pretty set Natali. Have fun and be safe in Vegas. I don’t know if when you go to Vegas you go out and actually see the natural city, but that’s actually to me, with some of best and most beautiful fun is. I can’t believe you are that adventurous to fly in the winter time LOL, it’s nice once you get out west but leaving Arkan-sass…LOL LOL

  11. Teesa Corinee
    Teesa Corinee says:

    Im getting better and better with my application thanks to youuuu (: but wanted to ask when using your drill do you use it in Forward or Reverse. I have the same drill like the one in your video and get confused on which way to use it.

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