First Time Laser Hair Removal Vlog (Funny)


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There’s a first time for everything. Stevie and I decide to experience Laser Hair Removal together for the first time. All laughs aside, we learned a few things so make sure to watch the video and also read some tips/suggestions if you’re thinking about getting Laser Hair Removal.

Follow up: It’s been almost a month since we went in to Flawless for our first treatment (our 2nd appointment is coming up) and I must say that I’ve probably shaved my mustache and unibrow (lol) twice compared to me used to doing it everyday before the laser. As you may have seen in the video I was so scared of what it would feel like. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I was freaking out! In my opinion, It hurt 90% less than when I got my bikini wax for the wedding. It feels more like tiny hot rubber bands quickly hitting your skin. Like Zhanna mentioned, it will hurt more in some areas where you have thicker hair.

Saz Tips
– The laser will only pick up dark hair, so if you are wishing to get rid of white/thin peach fuzz (on your face for example) chances are it won’t work.
– The best time do it is in the winter because you want to avoid the sun as much as possible. If you don’t wear SPF 40 for the duration of treatment you might experience permanent hyper pigmentation. This basically means that you are prone to getting little white spots all over your skin (and you’ll have to deal with it forever)
– Do not tweeze, thread or wax during your entire treatment process. It’s totally fine to shave the area before and after treatment. Just make sure you don’t pluck out the hair follicle. It will ruin the process!
– If your skin is sensitive you might experience a lot of redness and burning afterwards so make sure you get some aloe vera gel and you’ll be good!

If anyone of you have done laser hair removal let me know what you think! Some love it – others hate it. I think it just depends on your hair type. Hope this helps!

Xo, Saz

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  1. 1DCanada93
    1DCanada93 says:

    I laser my entire body. It is literally the best investment you can ever make. It doesn't hurt that much and i never have to worry about shaving anymore. However, for upper lip, no matter how many times you do it, it always comes back, just a heads up!

  2. francesca m
    francesca m says:

    Hi Saz! Just wanted to let you know. I laser my whole entire body! And I used to laser my face, but it made me break out HORRIBLY! I stopped laser for 3 months and the breakout went away. So now I do electrolysis on my cheeks which is painful but works perfectly, no breakouts, and I laser the upper lip and the rest of my body which also works well. Just letting you know. 😘

  3. Maria Khan
    Maria Khan says:

    I got it done on my legs 2 years ago and still loving it! The machine they used for me was different and it was almost completly painless. I would get everything else done if i can afford it in the future

  4. Leo Cardenas
    Leo Cardenas says:

    haha… u want smooth hairless results? Well just put hot water on skin for 1min. Second put shaving cream third buy a straight razor and shave in all directions. And there u have it, a smooth hairless body.

  5. Rabbia Mehmood
    Rabbia Mehmood says:

    Hey can u plz tell me how to make hair perfect straight ? Whenever I straighten up ma hair it gets wavy and rough after half an hour.. I want to know how u make ur hair perfect straight or is there any gel or spray so that streightning coull stay for a long time plzzzzxxxxx make a video on this . Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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