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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

48 replies
  1. Tina S.henderson
    Tina S.henderson says:

    I think these are just beautiful 🙂 i have been watching ur videos for over a year. I havr tried many of ur designs on my self and my daughters. U r the reason i started with nail art. Lov ur work and u seem like a realy fun person. Wish i could pay u to teach me 🙂

  2. lydia rodriguez
    lydia rodriguez says:

    Hi Robin I would like to state I'm a huge fan of yours! Your work has inspired me to do nail art myself i've been doing my own nail art for a couple of months now and i look forward to seeing more of your great work! One quick question just wanted to know where do you recommend to buy good nail art brushes and foils?

  3. Kristin Corr
    Kristin Corr says:

    I love this design and I tried it and it looked good! not as good as yours but I put the topcoat on after they dried fully, and the acrylic paint still smeared! what am I doing wrong? I did it again and I waited 2 HOURS before I put topcoat on! I use Seche Vite. Thanks 🙂

  4. Hikeeba
    Hikeeba says:

    From the time when i first started watching nail art tutorilals some struck me as odd about the dragonflies everyone loves to paint and to watch… Dragonflies don't have antennae! At least, none that we can actually see with the naked eye. They are more like small bumps with a bit of a curl that is simply too tiny to see! The same goes for butterflies. Well, now i don't have to struggle with painting them in now!

  5. V Sail
    V Sail says:

    Ok looked at your page of FAQs. And…..feel stupid for not doing that first @_@; . I suppose the addition of quality brushes help as well. Thanks Ms. Moses!

  6. V Sail
    V Sail says:

    Hey Robin! Again gorgeous. Question though, when you do use your brushes for Polish, how do you clean them? Mine tend to get all mucked up (I use NP remover) ….just wondering. 3 nameless has gorgeous nails btw! Also, request : aquarium nails????? O.o so fun ty!!!

  7. Wendy Gill
    Wendy Gill says:

    How do you get your colours to stay a true colour and not get dull when you paint over a black polish/paint? Ive tried doing so many designs over a black polish and unless i mix them with white they go darker or not show at all 🙁 i wanted to try your cherries design and its not happening for me 🙁 xx

  8. tashzombie
    tashzombie says:

    This is probably a dumb question but why does she say she is going to "push" the colour in? Why push, why not drag or put? Is it a special technique or something?

  9. ThatGirlTatianaH
    ThatGirlTatianaH says:

    That is sooo absolutely adorable, I'm going to do them with NEON colors, for a long time I wanted to use neons, but not for the whole nail, so Robin thanks for a great idea !!!

  10. Kyosumari
    Kyosumari says:

    When painting nails with acrylic, you should always use nail polish as a base, or the paint wont stick either. You could try investing in base coats 🙂

  11. Holly EGW
    Holly EGW says:

    I absolutely LOOOVE Northern Lights!!!
    They do not sell the gold one here… I can only get the silver and it is beautiful!!!
    I think we use it on someone everyday in my Nail Shop!!! I should see if I can order the gold one online…..
    Thanx for yet another beautiful nail art design Robin!!! XO

  12. Tay Jen
    Tay Jen says:

    I love this simple and cute design. Im such a fan of your work and i am in awe most of the time when i watch ur videos! lol! i think this one i just might be able to pull off 🙂 thanks so much for sharing ur brilliant ideas with the world! Ur awesome!!!

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