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Is This Makeup REAL or FAKE-

7 Weird Hair Dying Gadgets TESTED!

7 Weird Purse Gadgets TESTED!

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Hey Everybody it’s BUNNY! Welcome to my channel where I test and review strange gadgets- everything from Does This Thing Really Work As Seen on TV items to things from Amazon, Wish, and other websites. I also do plenty of makeup and fashion related videos as well- shoe try on videos, clothing try on hauls, makeup tutorials, first impressions, reviews and swatches! Also keep a lookout for the occasional food and snack video, testing random items from Japan, daily vlogs, hair tutorials, testing hair products, declutter videos and more! My channel is really a grab bag of content! lol LOVE YOU SWAMP FAMILY!

Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

38 replies
  1. Danielle Rush - The Mystic Autistic
    Danielle Rush - The Mystic Autistic says:

    Bunny your like a glorious bird of paradise. If you go and sit in abandoned places you might just come across things you may not be prepared for. I do paranormal research and investigation and can empathise with wanting to do it and actually being there, especially in the dark. If flight or fight kicks in, and it's the flight that's dominant, then theres not much you can do.
    The sound you heard kind of sounded like a tree branch creaking against metal or even metal on metal, but I'm assuming there was a decent wind on the day. However some of those sounds, two in a row, did sound like a voice. You'll have to go back with an EVP recorder so you can analyse the sound if you heard it again.

  2. Brit Ann
    Brit Ann says:

    Imagine being scared of every little sound?
    Tht "feeling" is fear…. every human gets it, its not supernatural girl. Sometimes you gotta tell yourself youre being irrational.
    It actually makes me sad to think of how much unnecessary fear some people experience all the time.

  3. B MO
    B MO says:

    I heard someone say if your life is "boring" you're doing alright and I live by that.
    I cherish these tea vlog/hang out videos. ᵔᆺᵔ

  4. MF
    MF says:

    I was legit freaked when you were at the school. It’s hard to get spooked from a YouTube video but yooooo it got me

  5. Casper Shaw
    Casper Shaw says:

    bunny every 5 years our taste buds change :3 things you used to love taste bleh and things you used to hate are delicious :3 it was something i was told years ago and i still find it true like i used to HATE beets … and love artichoke hearts … now its reversed lol always try things you used to hate :3 our buds mature too ^^

  6. Angel C.
    Angel C. says:

    Lol I carry I giant gold microphone at home to, soul buddies. It echoes my voice and laughter! I love creepy places but such a chicken to! I love gingerbread latte I totally miss it!! New subbie, just saw you in my feed, love ya Bunny!

  7. Bela
    Bela says:

    Damn this is crazy, I remember starting to watch her ghost vids when I was like fuckin 10 and now 7yrs later i remembered about her channel recently and am stoned asf but have never felt so calm lol

  8. Andrea Seelye
    Andrea Seelye says:

    GRRRRRL IM SO HAPPY YOU FEEL MY PAIN – I LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES AND LIKE THEY JUST GOT RID OF THEM SO EARLY I was so depressed I remember when you could get them in the beginning on feb. feb 11 was the date my locals psl expired back in the day – memories

  9. Heather Weitz
    Heather Weitz says:

    I just love Bunny’s comment section!!!! It Always seems so positive and heartfelt. Definitely a breath of fresh air over here in Bunny’s Land!!! Have a great weekend Swamp Fam!!! ❤️

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