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Today we’re talking about this new “gentle” hair removal device…but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

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Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Noni Violet
    Noni Violet says:

    For anyone reading this and wanting to know what the little brush is for, twist the blade of and look inside there is all the hair it removed. The little brush picks all the hair up and tada.

  2. Carol O'Connell
    Carol O'Connell says:

    Kackie – I just watched you for the first time and I was totally entertained. I am 71 and use one of these but am have trouble cleaning it. Could you do another and show how to clean it? I can't get it to go afterwards. The motor is working but the top piece prevents the motor from engaging. Thank you so much for this!!

  3. Simone_eg
    Simone_eg says:

    I will not buy this product but loved the little science talk you did! I thought I was crazy for seeing two little hairs instead of one on my legs but now it makes sense!

  4. rozzietl
    rozzietl says:

    So this actually shaves the hair? Then, why not just use a razor? Not that I would do that, but how is it different? I know a few women who have actually shaved their faces for years. Thanks for the review, you convinced me.

  5. Taylor Kitchell
    Taylor Kitchell says:

    Do you still use this device in your routine (I know this video was awhile ago and I'm not sure if you even look at comments from this far back but it's worth a try)?

    I'm hairy and shaving sucks. 🙈

  6. Stacie Cute
    Stacie Cute says:

    This is so helpful girl. Thank you so much. I’ll be purchasing this in my Target. May God Bless always!! 🙂 I hope this product lasts for a while because I know I’ll use this a lot.

  7. Coral Jane
    Coral Jane says:

    It's a small version of an electric razor. That's all it is. If you have to shave every day with this, get ready for that nice masculine 5 o'clock shadow as the hair darkens and becomes very coarse.

    The marketing dances around the fact that it is an electric razor.

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