Laser Hair Removal

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Products Used:
Clown White (cream paint)
Graftobian Pro Paint (white, red, black)
NYX Cosmetics Eyeshadows (black, grey)

Permission was granted for use in this video.
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  1. Heck
    Heck says:

    I have a quick question! How would go about making fake animal claw marks in your skin? Would liquid latex and paper towels work? I want to be Merida from Brave but to make it more halloweeny so I want to add some gory bear attack claw marks 🙂

  2. Haley Darby-Miller
    Haley Darby-Miller says:

    I have a billy doll in my room on my dragon statue so it looks like he's riding my dragon …….. I forget he's there and when I wake up in the morning i scream and fall out of my bed …… Help

  3. Mama Kowa
    Mama Kowa says:

    please do a Spiderman tutorial! my 2 year old daughter has chosen to be spiderman for Halloween and I'd love to paint our faces as Spiderman!! your fabulous ty for such dope video's! !!!

  4. Lilly jeanine
    Lilly jeanine says:

    here's an off topic request….could you do a character using only eyeliners and eye shadows? im.trying to start out and i think it would be really awesome to have a reference video from you to learn from…if you already have done this could you please point the way to the video lol

  5. Alexia Tissières
    Alexia Tissières says:

    Your makeups are totally amazing !
    It'd really love to see a "products video" with all the brushes, paintings … (It's easier to find it on internet then)
    Hope you'll see my request ! Bye <3

  6. H I
    H I says:

    can you please do a marinotte makeup tutorial please my sister really wants to know how to do it for her birthday its next week please it will mean so much for me

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