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I’m so excited to share some of my FAVORITE Shades EQ toners that make beautiful hair color! Ever wondered what the numbers on the bottles really mean? I explain it here!

Shades EQ is a Demi permanent hair color line. That means it rinses very easily and won’t directly deposit into your hair so it easily lifts out if you want to change it again.

Here’s a direct link to the Shades EQ chart so you can look at every shade:

Here are some of my favorite toning combos:

Icy, natural blonde:
9V, 9N, 9T equal parts with Shades EQ developer.

Sandy Medium Blonde:
2 ounces of 8N equal parts Shades EQ processing solution

Perfect root color or transition color for color melting:
7NB + 6N with equal parts Shades EQ processing solution

Transition color for color melting:
6GB + equal parts Shades EQ processing solution

Pretty, but also rich and warm brunette:
5NW + equal parts Shades EQ processing solution

Neutral brunette, looks good on every skin tone:
4NB + equal parts Shades EQ processing solution

Deep plum brunette shade (I love a brunette with a hint of plum in it):
3V + equal parts Shades EQ processing solution

Adding clear to any of these shades will make them deposit less on your hair and makes the tone less pigmented. Once you add clear you also have to add processing solution. That’s the only way the color will deposit!

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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

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  1. QueenGlamxxo
    QueenGlamxxo says:

    Hi Danielle,
    My hair is bleached to a yellow level 9/10 right now and I’m trying to tone to a level 8 warm sandy blond. What shades eq formula do you recommend.

  2. Cari Platt
    Cari Platt says:

    I have a client that is naturally blonde, hazel eyes, super curly fine hair. She is getting a lot of gray in her hair and has had it colored and then highlighted. She does not like any of the cool blondes because she feels like they clash with her skin. Would you rec me using a perm color on root only and then maybe using the O9GB shades through the rest of her hair for shine and pretty warmth? I was thinking an 8N for her roots. She tends to pull brassy so i want to be careful. Your videos are clear in our explaining and super helpful. Thank you !!

  3. Mike Malick
    Mike Malick says:

    Hi Daniella! My hair is like 90% gray now and I have been coloring my own hair for about 10 years now. I have been using Shades EQ O6N but what i am not liking is the orange-ish yellow tint that it has. How can I get a more natural looking dark ash blonde color? What other color should I mix with O6N?

  4. Louise Hopkins
    Louise Hopkins says:

    I’ve subscribed as I love the detail in your video! I’ve only just qualified but we learnt Loreal colours and I really want to change to Redken. So im going to be watching all your videos to learn so I understand the colouring system with Redken! Would love to know what you would use to make a rose gold toner if you have time please send me as I’m dying to try it on my blonde hair x

  5. Meeshala Bird
    Meeshala Bird says:

    Your a great teacher! I have come out of retirement after 22 years.. 7 years … its changed alot!. And we use shades at the salon im in …but you made it so much more clear in the approach and explanations of the gorgeous colors you get from each shade. Good job. Thanks again

  6. Isabel Aguado
    Isabel Aguado says:

    Hi Daniella Benitta! I enjoyed your tutorial, but where do i find these products in a reputable place, (store), or online?? …as I've heard they can be diluted, scam, else old products….and I am not a lisenced professional stylist 🙁

  7. Hamiba
    Hamiba says:

    Thank you for making this video – such a good resource! Would you recommend 8GN to correct peach/salmon undertones in a level 6/7 bronde? I purchased that shade, along with "Malibu C Quick Fix For Color Correction," but am nervous about going to green, especially if it wont do much to fix the pinkish tones. For reference, a little over two months ago I went from a (colored) copper to a cool level 8/9 blonde with what should have been a cool level 6/7 brown shadow root, but is actually brown with more of a peach/salmon undertone. Blue toning shampoo hasn't helped and neither has the purple condition.

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