EASY! How To: Upper Lip HAIR Removal! *Painless* | by tashaleelyn


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Shout out to the glitter that got in my eye. I got it out but it’s a tad irritated from that in this video! Don’t worry about meeee! Love you guys!

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40 replies
  1. Royalty Tea
    Royalty Tea says:

    Im Emberresed Of my upper lip hair Everytime i look in the mirror i feel so ashamed of my self i just want to shave it off But i cannot cuz im still little i tried ripping it off with my hands but it doesnt work i tried using my moms makeup to cover it up it does not work i was goona cry when i knew that i cant remove

  2. purple the alien
    purple the alien says:

    I have really dark hair and kinda light skin and some guy told me to I looked like a boy because I had a moustache. I slapped him so hard he didn’t talk to me ever since. (this was a year ago lol)

  3. Ruby Ruby
    Ruby Ruby says:

    Id used to get builled this kid that was when i was in 6th grade they would calm me a man but then i told him to search up if only men have facial hair and i prooved him wrong

  4. stodarc
    stodarc says:

    Im 14 years old and I have the Croatian genes, which is a lot of hair. I mean a lot, since I was 10 I’ve been waxing it off, I’m really self conscious about hair, this has made everything so much easier.

  5. Aswathi4 Jesus Christ
    Aswathi4 Jesus Christ says:

    I had done waxing for the removal of my upper lip hair. But my hair seems to grow back thicker. I don't want to wax again. But is there any way to make that hair colour similar to our normal colour. So that it wouldn't be noticeable. Kindly reply if u have a remedy

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