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As I explore the feelings of inadequacy that I have for myself, I feel like I’m peeling away the layers and finding all of kinds of things I wasn’t expecting.

Maybe even my focus on structure and productivity is a distraction from something even deeper, something even more valuable that I should be paying closer attention to: the present moment.

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45 replies

    "There's no getting there. We're already there." The shot seems to move forward towards the island while maintaining a stationary perspective, representing the illusion of progress in life. The island represents a future goal for him and his work is to just enjoy admiring it from the shore. Reminds me of To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf. We're all drawn in to our desires inexplicably and often they don't hold the fulfillment we seek. It's about appreciating what we have in the present moment. Nathaniel, you are a genius and your cinematography is poetry.

  2. Maria Teresa Pandolfi
    Maria Teresa Pandolfi says:

    I never write comments, but caro mio questo video è arte. Ti seguivo da prima che venissi a Milano, la mia città, e comincio ad apprezzarti sempre di più. Mi fai venire voglia di fare due chiacchiere ed è proprio questo che trasmette il tuo modo di fare video per me. Good job Nat

  3. Karina Rimkuse
    Karina Rimkuse says:

    Amazing. Looooove! You make me believe that there are more people out there that are philosophical, it's incredible how you go deep into everything and ask questions. Plus, the video is beautiful, it's like all the parts of every video are pure poetry. Just can't help but wonder your birth date and what zodiac sign you have/what dominates in you.

  4. nick landreth
    nick landreth says:

    As a man driven to change the world. I have found when I try to push myself to only work toward my singular goal at any given time I get much less done. If I invest time in myself through meditation, cleaning, laughing, exercising. I find after this I can often get more done in a short time than if I had spent that time I spent self investing working toward my goal with no regard for my mental health.

  5. La chaine de Benji
    La chaine de Benji says:

    As you said, the thing is not about "doing: but about "being". Let's work on that every single day. After we can "do" and "be" in the same time. If only we can be conscious at every single moment. I think everybody can do it. But we forgot in a way how to do it. Let's remember it 🙂

  6. Gloria So
    Gloria So says:

    Hey! I just came across your videos and am loving your content, just watched a bunch in a row! Love your style and intellectual curiosity, but honestly the thing that made me smile the most was those shots of you just laughing and dancing. You can see the pure playfulness and joy!

  7. Gerry Marsh
    Gerry Marsh says:

    Just came across your videos , I’m 48 and even more confused about my ‘direction’
    So don’t be too hard on yourself lol
    Seems like you’re doing fine

  8. Sarah K
    Sarah K says:

    This video literally sums up what's happening ever day in my mind since I can't even remember.

    Thank you Nathanial, I really needed this

  9. T-Bone
    T-Bone says:

    This channel is amazing. Glad to have found Nate a few months ago, his content HAS honestly transformed my life and I am more present because of the profound messages in his vids.

  10. Venatix_ 92
    Venatix_ 92 says:

    I have just discovered your channel, and as a 25 year old, your perspective resonates with me on a spiritual level. I feel less scared to see that there are people lke myself, who are questioning life, the rat race and other lifestyles. Thank you.

  11. Kavik Kang
    Kavik Kang says:

    I've watched a few of your videos, and I love them. Keep being the person you are trying to become, knowing that you can never fully get there. I just had to leave you this post letting you know that I've decided that you are a fellow "Tin Foil Hat Prophet". You are "one of us"… you think like us. It is a very exclusive club that includes only a few people such as myself, the inventor of what most people call "The Matrix", Neil Peart, and Philip J Klass. So welcome too the club, and the hat is optional. It's a pre-emptive defense, you don't actually need the hat;-)

  12. Franklin Galdino
    Franklin Galdino says:

    Your videos are just fantastic and I can't thank you enough for the content you bring for us. I am a big fan of your thoughts and the way you are setting up your life. Many of your videos help me a lot to get back on track or at least remind myself of how much there's to live. Thank you Nathaniel, you are helping me and I'm sure that many others too, dealing with anxiety and depression.

  13. Angelica M
    Angelica M says:

    Nathaniel, your cinematography is like visual poetry. You are, above all, my most favourite YouTuber EVER. Any advice for a fifteen year-old starting her journey in filmmaking?

  14. aethisnna
    aethisnna says:

    I’m quite the opposite but watching this helped me see that it is necessary to have a balance in life. Everyone’s different, but everyone’s achieves their goals at different times.

  15. k22kk22k
    k22kk22k says:

    While taking a shower after watching your video, I suddenly realized I had already actualized my childhood dream: to become a software engineer.
    Even though I'm doing what I dreamt of, I'm constantly overwhelmed and depressed by fast progress of technology, ever-changing situation, and lack of time for what I really want to do.
    I have been considering changing my career plan to free up some time for my passion, but you made me wonder it could just put me in another instance of similar torment (I mean "similar" in nature) if I maintain the current view of the world around me.
    I'm still confused at what to do, but my understanding of current situation got deeper and clearer now.
    Thank you for inspiring me. Love from Japan 🙂

  16. Pat Jones
    Pat Jones says:

    It would be interesting for you to find how how Indigenous your roots are… In many Indigenous cultures people who have this restlessness inside them, who are sensitive to their environments & others are usually considered to be people meant to be spiritual advisors or leaders. These types people usually have a higher spiritual connection/vibration. Empathic in many ways & though various teachings & though study & apprenticeship, they are taught to redirect these physical energies into spiritual consciousness. They can be advisors, healers or teachers. That energy for life, learning, all that energy, anxiety, all that ENERGY is redirected & balanced out into spiritual consciousness, growth & a calmness & stillness is found. So the ability to be a fountain of what can be discribed as almost chaotic energy is physically transformed into a higher spiritual connection/consciousness. It is considered a gift/blessing. You emerge almost this revenant person. It would be interesting to see if those Indigenous parts of you are trying to make their selves evident?! You could be gifted & not know it, because you were raised in mainstream, western society…

  17. Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson says:

    I think that's why Roberto Blake's season of hustle is so important for anyone building something. Career, business, whatever. It's fine to sprint for a short period of time because things take work. But you can't burn the candle both ends for very long. And if you did there would be no time to enjoy what you've built.

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