This makeup tutorial focuses on achieving a Warm, smoked out cut crease! An absolutely obsession of mine in Autumn. The Modern Renaissance is truly a ride or die palette and I’m happy to finally be featuring it on my channel! Thank you so much for being here and remember to stay beautiful!

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❤ Too Faced Cosmetics Glitter Glue

❤ Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

❤ Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner

❤ YSL Beauty The Shock Mascara

❤ Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara

❤ Maybelline Big Shot Mascara

❤ Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit (Light to Medium)

❤ Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

❤ Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette Volume 1

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  1. TabMUA
    TabMUA says:

    Hey everyone! What do you think about the warm tones vs. cool tones? Which do you prefer? I can't ever choose 😂
    P.S Thank you to the lovely, Ferisha K for suggesting I use the ABH Modern Renaissance palette! Be sure to comment your suggestions and I may just have to do them!

  2. alina.bbyy
    alina.bbyy says:

    I love the way lashes look on everyone but i don’t wear them myself because they touch my glasses😂 my everyday struggles. Also can u do a dewy makeup look?

  3. Mia Perez
    Mia Perez says:

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    (PS) make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell for updates. Thank you beautiful people 🌙

  4. Rachel Young
    Rachel Young says:

    You are stunning! I always see you in the comments of all the videos I watch…must mean we have similar taste. Started watching your videos today and love you calm personality. I also loved #boyfrienddoesmymakeup video. So funny! I'm excited to watch your channel grow. 👑☺

  5. Sally boomz
    Sally boomz says:

    found u on shaanxo comments.. see this n already in love with your makup tutorial.. keep goin with your great talents love all the way frm singapore😉💄

  6. Jessie Melendez
    Jessie Melendez says:

    Love this tutorial! I’m so glad I checked your channel out! I just subscribed to your channel. Would be great if you could maybe check my channel out and subscribe as well. It would mean the world to me, so we can support each other. Thank you so so much for your time 🙂 Happy YouTubing

  7. Shelby Berman
    Shelby Berman says:

    You should try to be more lively and enthusiastic! You are very monotone and expressionless which ruins it, to be completely honest. Personality is a huge factor when it comes to social media and influencers, as you can tell by the most successful ones-Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, Desi Perkins, etc. This is not hate and I truly hope you don't take it the wrong way. Best of luck!!

  8. RamblingsnGrace
    RamblingsnGrace says:

    This look is stunning! I go back and forth between warm and cool looks. I’m pretty new to your channel and have a question. Why do you use glitter glue? And why don’t the shadows look patchy from using it? I would think they’d stick and be harder to blend out. Just curious! I have hooded eyes too and am loving your tutorials!!! Thank you! ❤️

  9. Carla Cavv
    Carla Cavv says:

    Just stumbled across your channel and so happy i did! Just subscribed! Love your content so much you are beautiful! Would love it if you would subscribe and check out my channel, I’m a new YouTuber and would love your support!

  10. Hmm
    Hmm says:

    Hey TAB! What a gorgeous name btw. I have some constructive criticism for you I really hope you don’t mind. I as a viewer am always constantly looking for new you tubers. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone on that we always are looking for a refreshing new personality and video concept. The beauty guru community is EXTREMLEY oversaturated in people trying to make it big on YouTube. If you want to break through do something original (I mean that In the NICEST way possible) we don’t subscribe to robots and I think everyone sick of the “hi guys welcome back to my channel if you like this look then keep on watching don’t forget to click the subscribe button like, comment and click that little bell to be notified” it’s far too generic and personalities don’t shine through an overused script that’s shoved down our throats constantly. I mean still say it but incorporate it into your video in a new refreshing way. Another thing is the production of the video, everyone and there dog has this production with the paper backdrop, a light in the middle of the background shining up with a million lights in front of you washing out the production. I as a viewer want something fresh, a beauty guru who has just broken through is john mc something (I always forget his last name) for being extremely original with his classy fresh personality that shines through and also his way of doing makeup is extremeley different and arguably not on “trend” when it comes to the thin brows and light contour but that’s why we wath him. Anyway tabitha don’t follow the path create your own! (If this comment does upset you feel free to take the feedback out of it and delete it)

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