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HOW TO REMOVE FACIAL HAIR at HOME NATURALLY, INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY in HINDI, 100 % results. This is teh most asked thing these days so in this video i am having a solution to this FACIAL HAIR PROBLEM and it is 100% NATURAL and EFFECTIVE, EASY as well. Here i am sharing a HOME REMEDY to REMOVE FACIAL HAIR with no SIDE EFFECT. This face mask will not only remove your FACIAL HAIR but will also remove BLACKHEADS, DEAD SKINS, DARK SPOTS, BLEMISHES, and will give you BRIGHTER, LIGHTER, GLOWING SKIN. I have not used any GELATIN, EGG, BAKING SODA or BESAN TURMERIC to remove facial hair.
Ingredients i used to make this mask:
1.) MASOOR DAL OR RED LENTILS FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL: HERE I AM NOT USING BESAN OR GRAM FLOUR i am using over night soaked masoor dal to scrub my skin and remove facial hair. masoor dal face pack, masoor dal benefits, masoor dal hair removal
2.) POTATO JUICE FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL: potato juice for face, potato juice benefits, potato juice for skin whitening, potato juice and lemon juice, potato juice benefits for skin, potato juice hair removal
3.) HONEY FOR FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL : honey skin whitening, honey skin care, honey skin benefits, honey skin mask
4.) LEMON JUICE FOR FACIAL HAIR REMOVAL : lemon skin care, lemon skin lightening before after, lemon skin benefits, lemon skin whitening, lemon skin lightening
This mask will remove 30 to 40 % of your facial hair, use this mask atleas 3 times a month.

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