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Laser Hair Removal

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  1. specialkyt
    specialkyt says:

    Your nails are beautiful! Love the color. Now let’s get to why I’m here. Loved the video! Great big flakes! I like the comb better than the pick. The comb scratched up more flakes than the pick did. When using the comb it’s a better outcome to me. Unless you have plaque psoriasis there’s no need to use a pick. Your flakes come right up with light scratching…you don’t have to dig in and pry up the flakes. Plus the comb glides thru your hair when showing flakes. You have beautiful thick hair!

  2. Lesley Wynter
    Lesley Wynter says:

    I love watching this, but you must be heartily sick of dealing with this skin condition. I wonder how OFTEN you have to carry out this procedure? Thank you for sharing. x

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