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Today, I talk about my favorite, and most used makeup of 2019. This is a FULL-FACE tutorial…and I do go into some detail, and give some tips and tricks that may help others out there over 50 years of age. 😉

My Most Used/ Favorites of 2019

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Liquid Foundation
BareMinerals BareSKIN Serum Concealer
BECCA Hydra-Mist Set & Refresh Powder
SIGMA Makeup Brushes
Anastasia of Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Palettes (I have Sultry, and Soft Glam) In Today’s Look I used the SULTRY palette.)
BENEFIT Gimme Brow Tinted Brow Gels (I used #5)
FLOWER BEAUTY lipsticks (I used #40)

Other items I used today that I LOVE:
TOO FACED Better Than Sex Mascara (NOT the waterproof version)

**The WIG that I wore in the very beginning and at the end of this video is from NORIKO and it’s called KATE in the color Chocolate Frost R

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Here are the song(s) used from this software:
“Earth – The Rhythm of The Memories”
“Drift Drift”
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  1. Hattie Buchanan
    Hattie Buchanan says:

    I love that you put blush on the apple of your cheeks. I get so tired of tutorials that tell mature women not to do that. My face is slightly round and I need the definition of color. Great video as always!

  2. Heather Terry
    Heather Terry says:

    Thank you for sharing your favorites Jill! Gorgeous as always!! 🥰 I am REALLY intrigued by the Bare Minerals serum concealer and Becca Hydra-Mist powder. I am at such a loss when it comes to foundations, concealers and setting powders – I'm settling for mediocre because I've spent a small fortune trying to find the right foundation/concealer/powder to no avail. It's defeating.
    And that "mesh screen" is such a clever idea!!

  3. Sandy FromSpongebob
    Sandy FromSpongebob says:

    You are the first person I’ve heard mention the struggle of getting both brows the same intensity of darkness. One of my brows is much more bald than the other so I really appreciate and am encouraged that you have addressed this issue. Your lips always pop but the color is always soft and pretty. You know just how to bring out your beauty. I used to like dark lips but as I got older they just weren’t flattering anymore. I’m learning a lot from you and very excited to try some of the radiance powders you have mentioned. Thanks for explaining the differences between all the different powders, setting, finishing, it was all a mystery to me until I happened upon your channel. I love how you explain things so well and go into detail.

  4. Judith Huggett
    Judith Huggett says:

    Hi Jill beautiful makeup look again I love what you did with the eyes I love eye liner but it never stays on me unfortunately I might give the Nars a try. Your skin is flawless the finished looks really flatters you X

  5. One perfect rose
    One perfect rose says:

    Jill, I absolutely love how you use your makeup. You are beautiful, with or without it! Are you cool or warmed toned? (I'd like to buy some of what you use, so knowing that would be helpful.)

  6. Sandra G. McAlister
    Sandra G. McAlister says:

    Love this video Jill, i know that i have said this before, but your complexion is absolutely flawless, your makeup always looks beautiful, and you're simply a joy to watch, always look forward to your videos! Have a wonderful weekend! 💕

  7. Cathey Restaino
    Cathey Restaino says:

    That is so weird my left brow is much whiter and sparce too. I heard someone call us ladies of a certain age Queen-agers and I love that. Great tutorial with many helpful tips. Thanks.

  8. Sandy FromSpongebob
    Sandy FromSpongebob says:

    Hi JIll. Thank you. I recently discovered you searching for brow help and I am so glad I did. Your brows are the softest, prettiest and most natural of any of the other tutorials I’ve watched for mature women (I’m 60). Would it be possible for you to show the entire process at some point of how you use the brow powder to shape your brows? In your most recent brow tutorial before this one you started with a pencil but I see that’s no longer part of the routine. I find it hard to shape my brows with the angled brush so that they look soft. Thanks so much if that’s possible.

  9. Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS
    Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS says:

    Wow, you’re so incredibly beautiful ( barefaced) I really like this soft make up look.
    May I ask you what your age is? I’m always looking for channels with gals in my age group, I’m in my 50’s.
    Have you had any fillers or toxins done or any other work?

    I struggle with heavy lids, I hate how tired it makes me look. I avoid using shadows as it just frustrates me. You have lovely eye lids.
    The foundation coverage you’re using is perfect for your skin tone.

    Your lighting is also very nice, it’s actually perfect, you have 0 shadows. I love the black backdrop you have 0 distractions.
    Liked and subbed!

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