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Amanda’s, This Crazy Life-

If you’re ready to be a PRODUCTIVE MOM this video is for you!! This is packed with my 5am morning ROUTINES with a work out, getting ready, and my morning cleaning motivation. What time do you wake up in the morning? Would you consider waking up at 5am?


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  1. Heather Yohe
    Heather Yohe says:

    Lynn you are such a sweet and kind hearted person ❤️! That sunshine box is awesome! I really loved what you said about stand and look at your space and whatever is bothering you the most to takle.. I am doing that now!! Cleaning up the kitchen

  2. Charyce Richardson
    Charyce Richardson says:

    Just now getting to commenting, but I was watching this video while getting ready this morning at 5:45am. I’m trying to get back to getting up and going at 5am, but my 15 month old makes it a challenge.

    Thank you for the inspiration! Btw I love Amanda’s channel too.

  3. ruben pig
    ruben pig says:

    OMG!!! This video is exactly what I needed today. I feel overwhelmed on a daily basis! Taking your advice and taking decluttering one day at a time!!! Thank you for this video

  4. Candice M The Pastor's Wife
    Candice M The Pastor's Wife says:

    Hey Lynn, I've shared with you I lost the love of my life…I use YL and I need a k&b for kidneys its a liquid…my cat has taken this for 6 years for his kidney's..YL is out of stock.could you try and help me find someone who may have it? YL is saying it maybe a while before its back…I'm desperate maybe someone has one they could sell me …love you channel

  5. CrystalLeigh 864
    CrystalLeigh 864 says:

    Yes 5:00a.m!! I love my early mornings! So important for me to get started before my 4 kids. Love all your content! Also, you are very blessed to have such a helpful husband. 💕

  6. MJ
    MJ says:

    This crazy life sent me over and I’m loving this, I’m a early bird too although I never use to be! I guess kids do that to you 😂❤️

  7. Farrah Panno
    Farrah Panno says:

    Can you imagine how our kids would be dressed if we didn’t pick their clothes out for them??😂I love peace lilies!!🌱Are those GF bagels made by “Canyon Bakehouse”? I use this brand (I get from Walmart) and they are awesome!!😋My kids love them! Isn’t it nice when the hubby is home and he can help us momma’s share the load!?🙌🏻

  8. Averi LeSure
    Averi LeSure says:

    I love this! I feel like most morning routine videos don’t show cleaning and I’m always left wondering When does she have time to clean? It was very refreshing seeing this

  9. Delores Langley
    Delores Langley says:

    When i potty trained my dog i took him out every 2 hours and the whole time he was out i would praise him that good boys potty outside and gave him a treat when he came in and after a month he was trained

  10. This Boy Mom Life
    This Boy Mom Life says:

    Loved this video. I find that my day goes better if I wake up early (or rather stay up after my husband's early work alarm). I get to have my devotions, and my morning coffee and just start my day with some me time before the demands of a 3 yr old and an 11 month old start my day at 100mph!

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