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I went 30 days without alcohol. This is my account of what it was like.


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27 replies
  1. Cassandre Losser
    Cassandre Losser says:

    I was used to be hungover at parties bcs it was a way to be "cool" in front of others, but growing up I noticed I didn't like it at all and I became disgusted about being drunk. I appreciate to have a good glass of wine at certain occasion and this is way better. My boyfriend gave up alcohol a few years ago bcs he doesn't like it and so what what people think and since I decided to folow him I don't miss alcohol that much and I'm very glad he learned me to enjoy very good soft drink =D <3 + it is better for heath

  2. Valentin Lukic
    Valentin Lukic says:

    First of all nice video. I totally can relate to this topic. It's been now 3 years when i stopped drinking alcohol, in my case it was because of nutritional reasons and a time where I had certain goals in terms of weight reduction, especially fat loss. Of course i didn't went totally abstinent, i had here and there one drink at some special occasions, like on a wedding or a family party, but it made me ask the question for what reason I drank alcohol in the first place, certainly for the reason of reducing your inhibitions in social situation or maybe cultural background (Balkan roots here 😉 ). For me I came to realize that I really didn't need to drink alcohol, mostly for reasons which made no sense and that the substance doesn't really benefits my body. Like you said there is nothing wrong with it if you consume in moderation, which is everyone's own decision obviously. For myself, i haven't decided also, if I'll ever drink alcohol again, but I am doing very well without it. So no regrets there. Those are my experiencs with it. Have a nice day

  3. gabriel.
    gabriel. says:

    I'm 20. I don't drink and I never have. When people ask why I don't drink, I tell them that I just don't have any reason to. When I ask people why they do drink, they rarely give me an answer that makes sense. It's always made me a little sad, actually.

  4. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    It's strange, the culture and pressure around deciding not to drink. I clicked on this because for my own health issues I can't drink alcohol and even with that legit excuse there's a lot of pressure to conform. Once in a while I give in and I always regret it (physical pain). I am putting my foot down and not giving in to abusing my body just because it makes me seem idk like a stick in the mud or like I'm trying to be better than anyone else. It's hard for me personally not to just take the easy route and people please

  5. Paul tv
    Paul tv says:

    Only discovered you recently, but I’m pretty sure you’re the only YouTuber I watch recently. Keep it up, cool production, cool ideas, cool vibe 🙂

  6. Franco Andrei de Araujo
    Franco Andrei de Araujo says:

    Hey bro, I've (fortunately) found your YouTube channel yesterday and I'm gobbling it up. I'm 41 years old and it took me a while to understand this. I am glad you have had this experience and can take more conscious actions. Today I sent the link of this video to my brother, because he told me that he would like to stop drinking alcaholic drinks, but he did not know how to do this, because as you said: "it is easier to interact with people". In my case, I got tired of waking up with a headache kkk, and often without remembering the night or day before. Also to spent a lot of as well!

    Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring!

    Huge hug from Brazil

  7. Matt Dunton
    Matt Dunton says:

    Interesting. I love the Buddhist precepts. It is good to have mental clarity and precision of thought. There is too much celebration of escapism and hedonism in Western society. Thanks – thought provoking.

  8. Supradeep Reddy Alamuru
    Supradeep Reddy Alamuru says:

    I'm a 26 year old man. Doctor by proffession. Drinking has always puzzled me. Especially social ones. How can a conversation when intoxicated be more meaningful and in a way good for your life better than when having the same interaction sober. I've never gotten drunk my whole life. I've had friends who do and I really dont get the point. Someone can explain.

  9. Salwa Halid
    Salwa Halid says:

    Hi Nathaniel, I really like you videos .This one especially I can relate to. I am 20 years old and I haven't tried alcohol. Probably because I am muslim but I really don't have the desire to try it. For me having meaningful and fun time doesn't necessarily involve drinking.

  10. DidiNYC
    DidiNYC says:

    If you have social pressure bc you're not drinking, change your friends. Hey, if you'll decide to permanently raise your vibration, you'll give up some things and alcohol is one of them. Special occasions? Nah. My future wedding (don't believe in it, but let's assume I'd have a wedding) Nah. You offended bc I have no alcohol at my party? Bye. That's all. You might think you need alcohol so you get closer to people and maybe get more freelance work? Again, think again. The planetary vibration is raising, too, it might have been more true in past lower planetary vibe times, but now, in the age of ascension where at nice restaurants you can order great adult non alcoholic cocktails that taste amazing and where you have non-alcoholic beers, high end sparkling waters and also where you can network on the internet where nobody asks you if you drink…well, you don't need to frigging participate in drinking anymore.

  11. Lorelai B.
    Lorelai B. says:

    A good reason not to drink is to avoid making stupid decisions. I've done a few regretful things while drunk, and I am soooo scared now about what my children will do one day. When you are getting to know someone you are really interested in, DO NOT DRINK if you can't stop after ONE drink.

  12. Andrew Fairey
    Andrew Fairey says:

    For me, having alcohol was part of sharing with the half of my family who are French, but also with my French partner and friends of other nationalities. It IS about pressure, but it isn't overt – it is very covert – but then that is what seems to make up the bulk of "social pressure" – it is "the done thing".

    I have not had any alcohol for the past 8 months, largely as a result of health problems that made even the very modest amounts that I drank, have deeply painful after-effects. Now, I feel more energetic, sharper, healthier, and happier, and though I still feel that "pressure" to drink, I have a good reason not to- one that others can easily understand. I wonder HOW much more difficult it would have been to do this, had it JUST been a preference to be alcohol-free?

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