NEVER WAX AGAIN!?!?! – Bellesentials $13 facial hair remover


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NEVER WAX AGAIN!?!?! – Bellesentials $13 facial hair remover

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  1. N Ana C
    N Ana C says:

    You have beautiful teeth omg and yes I'm West Indian (Jamaican) so I am super hairy LMBO. Sideburns galore, upper lip hair, chin, lower back, happy trail, boobs, everywhere 😂. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carol Van Leer
    Carol Van Leer says:

    It works, it's great! I'm so glad you posted this because I bought it and it's fabulous. The more you use it, the less it hurts. But it does hurt a bit in the beginning.

  3. June Van Putten
    June Van Putten says:

    I bought this and was trying it out as I was watching you. It does work. Just sit there and watch TV as you do it. When you get that twist down it comes off faster. The upper lip area is sensitive, tighten the area and go at it. It may make your eyes water
    It hurts but women up. You can handle it. We have babies. Lol my face is really smooth.
    Let me also say. I'm in my 50's and have never ever shaved plucked my face hair before. I got tired of it. I noticed my lipsense was making it obvious around my lips. So after researching as ne finding out I'm not gonna have a thick beard after all this. I did it. Hubby was afraid he would gave a bearded wife. Lol
    I just realized I sound like my husband now, saying feel my face it's so smooth. Lol
    I have been rolling on.i have just found that if you just keep rolling upward or sideways it will pull it out in a continuous way.

  4. Hope Wiley
    Hope Wiley says:

    That thang HURT-HURT! I had one for all of 3 minutes. Can't take it and I'm just as hairy. Tried waxing my face and broke out so bad I said I ain't got time for a whole smooth face. Brows, lip and chin is all I mess with IF I feel like it.

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