Removing Semi Permanent Hair Color


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How to remove semi-permanent hair color………..
Easy method without using bleach.

Also…. has anyone had any experiences with Colour B4 on vegan hair dyes? does it work…. mmmmm

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29 replies
  1. Sarai A
    Sarai A says:

    Or you could try Colorfix, although it does reek of rotten eggs its the best I've used to take out semi permanent colors. Vitamin C and dish detergent arent supposed to be used for hair as it simply dries it out and doesn't add any added benefit.

  2. Natty louise Collins
    Natty louise Collins says:

    I used colour before hair dye remover .. I used it twice. I went from a permanent black to a light brown my goal was to get back to my natural colour witch was a ash blond.. after I used colour before I tryed high lights to oves lighten the colour then I just dyed it the ash blond to blend it in with my roots IT WORKED!! Ahah 😍

  3. Unknown Geek
    Unknown Geek says:

    Warning! Do not use this method and sleep with the mix on your head. I tried that last year when trying to fade red dye over bleached hair and I ended up getting a burn on the back of my neck.

  4. MarmaladeJAMM
    MarmaladeJAMM says:

    I tried colour B4 as well as I was having the same problem of having too much colour build up and I could no longer have any semi permanent hair colours stick to my hair and it would come out hella patchy. I would recommend giving colour B4 a go as it is definitely not as harsh as bleach and it will produce some effect in stripping the colour, just remember to follow the instructions exactly including timing how long you are washing your hair to make sure it is able to work effectively. I had a lot of blue buildup in my hair and unfortunately when I put bleach over the top it actually made the blue more vibrant and had an entirely opposite effect to what I wanted

  5. Alex McCormick
    Alex McCormick says:

    Colour b4 does work! It definitely takes the colour out! The smell is horrendous so make sure you do it with a window open but the buffer you use at the end after the first rinse is what lifts the colour! Hope it works for you:)

  6. Jess Curling
    Jess Curling says:

    I've used Colour B4 on my hair when I tried to get a dark red out of my hair so I could bleach it and it really took it all out! I was blonde under the red dye so Colour B4 took my hair to a really light orange colour (not saying that would happen with you, it was orange because I put red dye on top of copper blonde) but I think you should try it, – it didn't damage my hair and I read the comment about it smelling bad, I didn't have any bad smell whilst using it or after and nor did it burn my scalp so I think it might of been a bad batch maybe? – I say give it a try but I haven't tried it on vegetable dyes before but I'm sure it would work – PS: love your videos! Been a subscriber for ages, way before you moved to Netherlands 😀 Keep up the good work! xox

  7. User Sey
    User Sey says:

    Honestly I recommend color oops. I had so much color build up over the last few years, I used it on dark purple/ green hair, and I'm platinum blonde now, it's non damaging, although the smell is awful, it's worth it and it only takes 20 mins!

  8. greenbean 2713
    greenbean 2713 says:

    I loveeeee colour b4! Works really well on semi permanent veg des. I've used it with Manic Panic and Punky Colour and it's been great. Smells like hell but I've never found it to be damaging

  9. Aeva Kennedy
    Aeva Kennedy says:

    I had a great experience with Colour B4. I used it on my entire head but the main thing I wanted it to do was removed semi-permanent colour build up from my ends, not my roots. I had dark blue semi-permanent colour along with years worth of reds, purples and coppers. One box did my whole head of very long hair and i seriously found the damage to be minimal. It did remove I'd say about two years worth of colour build up but it definitely did leave some copper undertones from years before on my ends. If you want your hair all one colour to use as a base for going pastel, I personally would recommend it. 😊

  10. Alanna Bowsher
    Alanna Bowsher says:

    I've used it and works great. I had freshly done bright red hair and it took it right back to a yellow blonde suitable to dye over with a pastel colour. Was a little drying to my hair but no more than what bleach would do xx

  11. Caitlyn Rose
    Caitlyn Rose says:

    I used the Ion color remover and it did lighten it. I think it has vitamin e in it though but also other ingredients. It does take awhile or a couple treatments to work but since you're at the end it may work fine. Since you already bought that one you could use it. At first I had an issue with using a color remover (Color Oops) because it didn't work on both oxidative and non oxidative colors and I guess some color removers just shrinks the color molecules and doesn't remove it so it comes back the next time you rinse your hair.

  12. Wonderland 2097
    Wonderland 2097 says:

    Every time I over dyed my hair colour b4 extra strength has been my go too it always seems to work & as long as you condition it well afterward the egg smell does go 😀

  13. Kitten
    Kitten says:

    I know you didn't want to use bleach, but I get the feeling a color remover like Beyond The Zone mixed with 10 vol developer would be SO much less damaging than multiple rough, drying treatments like this! BTZ Color Remover is designed for semi-permanents, and it lifted DARK purple dye from my hair to a level 10 blonde in like five minutes…

  14. sticky lotus
    sticky lotus says:

    ive been using the vitamin c with dandruff shampoo for the last few weeks to get the directions violet hair dye to fade out as much as humanly possible. It has now faded to a silvery lilac, would you suggest a bleach bath to get the final remnants of lilac out as I'm trying to get it blonde so I can achieve a silver colour?
    I love your videos BTW and they are very helpful 🙂

  15. Bethany Balady
    Bethany Balady says:

    Try Joico Color Eraser. It is still pretty harsh on the hair, but it got my hair from a dark green back to white blonde! BUT BE WARNED. That shit BURNT my skin. I literally got a blister on the back of my neck from it (and I bleach and color my hair regularly). So if you get it on your skin, wipe it off immediately. Then your hair will be nice and pale again!

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