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Laser Hair Removal in San Francisco, Watch Video and Visit our Website

What are the benefits of this process?
Permanent hair reduction. 90 percent of clients experience permanent hair loss within 6-9 sessions.

What causes abnormal hair growth?
Abnormal hair growth can be caused by heredity, irregular hormone levels, and some medications.

How does laser hair removal work?
Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in America. A laser safely beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles, pigment in the follicles then absorb the light, which in turn destroys the follicle leaving the treatment area smooth and hair-free.

Is laser hair removal permanent?
Theoretically, damage to the hair follicle can remove unwanted hair permanently, but because of the nature of hair and the many factors that influence the growth of hair, the results vary from client to client. The effect of repeated treatments is cumulative, with 90 percent of clients experience permanent hair loss.

Is laser hair removal safe?
As with any medical treatment, use of any laser hair removal system may have some side effects. However, side effects have been minor and manageable. The precise laser parameters used for each laser hair removal system was carefully defined by studying the anatomy of the hair follicle and precisely matching the color of laser light and the pulse duration to the size, depth, and location of the hair follicle. This research has resulted in a safe technique that effectively reduces the risk of scarring and most other complications following treatment.

What is the procedure like?
The procedure begins by first cleansing and shaving the region that is to be treated. After the laser is turned on or “pulsed,” it is passed over the desired region for a fragment of a second at a time. Without damaging the surrounding skin, pulses of light penetrate the skin and are absorbed by hair follicles. The laser energy is transferred to heat, and the heat destroys the potential for hair regrowth.

Who are the best candidates for this treatment?
This treatment is extended to all individuals. Our staff customizes each treatment depending on the individual’s skin tone, texture, hair color, and desired region. Nearly all hair colors and skin tones can be treated successfully.

How many treatments are required?
The hair growing cycle occurs in phases and varies from person to person. For some individuals, several treatments may be necessary to disable hair follicles that subsequently enter the growth phase. Each client will be advised as to the approximate number of treatments before the procedure.

What are the possible side effects?
Side effects are not common. Mild redness, slight scabbing, and irritation may occur around the treated area, but will disappear rapidly or within several days following the procedure. In rare cases, the treated skin may become mildly lighter or darker. Our experienced laser specialists will inform you of which course of treatment is best for you during the first free consultation.

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