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This is a hairstyle commonly worn in the late Edwardian period. I found these authentic instructions from 1911 online

I think it is a really feminine and romantic looking hairstyle and with a bit of tweaking there is no reason why it wouldn’t be perfectly acceptable to wear it today. Especially with the revival of all things of this era thanks to the popularity of Downton Abbey!

Fancy dress or everyday I think this is a real head turner. I love it. It’s so simple too and can be decorated with loads of different types of accessories. I had to make do with this small silky rose because my daughter hordes all my hair flowers, a bigger one would have been better. Also, online you can get some nice tortoiseshell style clips and pins which really were the height of elegance and fashion at the time.

Hope you like it! Let me know in the comments section if you try it and remember – HIT the like button for more similar styles!



Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

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  1. cindyrose teubner
    cindyrose teubner says:

    You are amazing, beautiful, and practical. Love your styles. You show the easiest ways to do vintage hair. My hair is also textured, and I open Bobby's the same way 😀 keep the awesome videos coming, love!

  2. jeffsycks
    jeffsycks says:

    So very sexy! You could so be my nanny any day!!! LOL. You have such beautiful color to your hair, and such awesome volume when you tease it up! And what a beautiful, beautiful finished look! Thank you for taking the time to make and share this video!

  3. Tammy Weaver
    Tammy Weaver says:

    I go to the pilgrim Pilgrim Holiness Church they they fix their hair like that not only like the way you're fixing it but different different types of styles like that they pin it up and some of them women is not cut their hair since they've been born you know since they've been babies their mothers not cut their hair and then they didn't cut their hair and they don't. And they got so much of it they don't have to use a hair piece but you know they're coming in and God told him not to talk about it in the Bible your hair is your glory and you're cutting off your glory and says in the scriptures that bought a man a man supposed to cut their hair it says scripture goes doesn't nature itself teaches you that if a man has long hair it should be a shame one to him but if a woman has long hair it's her glory and the pilgrim Holiness women they don't cut their hair if they are pilgrims and they tell you what they are pick them all in his and they got really short hair they're missing something they're missing something they're either just don't started into the church or they're lying because the pilgrims women doesn't cut their hair if they're Christians and if they're saved and if they're really real they won't cut their hair they don't they're not supposed to we're very strict on that and we don't believe with believe that a woman should look like a woman and a man should look like a man it is Bible it is Bible that is totally Bible look it up on Google you not even supposed to look like

  4. Tabby Hanson
    Tabby Hanson says:

    You can also use a 'rat' of your own hair. Just don't clean out your brush too often, and you can collect that hair to make a rat that matches your own hair colour! No backcombing!

  5. Cherie Moonpie
    Cherie Moonpie says:

    Well. I'll try this one, since I absolutely adore victorian hairstyles, but with my super straight hair I fear I'm doomed. You have the perfect hair and timeless beauty to create the perfect self throughout every century. 😉

  6. CAMY62 ROMA
    CAMY62 ROMA says:

    Yes..I still remember my grandmother when she styled her very long white hair (she was 85  y.o. in the 1973)  I was only 11 y.o. She was born in 1888! She used a soft little cushion as a filler.

  7. anny giordani
    anny giordani says:

    amazing tutorial, my hair looks great and i feel so beautiful! i love old hairstyles, clothing and everything… too bad everything changed 🙁 but thank you

  8. TheRedkdawg
    TheRedkdawg says:

    thank you for showing how to do this.  I read the original instructions, but for some reason I did not understand how to do the Psyche knot in the back.

  9. Meaghan Halkett
    Meaghan Halkett says:

    FYI for others. I have used knee high panty hose that match my hair colour to give it more volume. Panty hose have lots of volume, are very light, and easy to pin up. Socks are too heavy.

  10. Lacey McCarthy
    Lacey McCarthy says:

    Thanks. This is great. It's my father's 60th tonight and it's a Titanic dress-theme.
    I have the dress and now I know exactly what to do with my hair!  I don't think it will hold very well with very clean hair, so I'm not even going to bother washing it before. So thanks for saving me an extra hour!

  11. Eva K
    Eva K says:

    Hi, I just recreated your Edwardian updo. It worked wonderfully I absolutely love it. The only downfall was my boyfriend refused to go to cinema like this. Haha we went anyway. And tip for thin haired people: use hair extentions for your front it helps with the volume. Big thumbs up.

  12. Sabrina Siva
    Sabrina Siva says:

    I love this video thankyou so much for doing this and  making it so straightforward and fun!! Can't wait to check out the Gibson Girl Edwardian hairstyle video you have as well. Keep up the great work!!!! 🙂

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