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The time has come–The skincare routine reaction videos are back! We asked who you guys wanted to see, and Anastasia Beverly Hills founder Anastasia Soare was the clear winner. Comment who you want to see next. Enjoy!

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Liv Tyler’s Skincare Routine Reaction:
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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

26 replies
  1. hilmir
    hilmir says:

    about alkalinising effects, the reality is that your organs might not be working as well as you think. if you are inflammed or have problems/habits that keep your kidneys busy, they will lapse. that is the way the human body works, it will focus on the most pressing urgent issues and even forgo its basic primary functions.

    for example, acidity & inflammation is mostly caused by sugar. and sugar is the one thing most people are unknowingly addicted to. trust me, your kidneys and liver are too busy dealing with that, over making your whole body as alkaline as it should be. why? because you keep it so busy all the goddamn time, it cannot do what it is actually supposed to!

    if you love your body, you either stop eating the wrong foods & supporting bad habits or you give the body a little helping hand.

    the hypocrisy is that you are also reading this on a skincare channel. if you accept that your skin, an organ, needs help in maintaining & renewing itself, why not your other poor organs?

    stop being ignorant to think that your body is a magical machine just because it has organs. like any machine, there is wear & tear, 1. due to age 2. especially if you are using it rough thinking that it will always "repair itself no matter what".

    love and respect your body.

  2. TheAtl198
    TheAtl198 says:

    This woman doing the video is so condescending and full of herself. She's so critical and thinks the way she does things is the only "right" way. Ugh.

  3. icymeow
    icymeow says:

    Wait but is nobody going to mention that Susan just said she dupes alkaline water for a squirt of lemon in water? Lemon is acidic, not alkaline..

  4. Chrissy Moss
    Chrissy Moss says:

    New subscriber here and I've been binge watching your vids.

    This one totally confused me, or more correctly, your reaction totally confused me.
    In other vids you have reacted negatively (which I agree with) to scented products, but in this one …. well, let's just say you gave her the green light!
    Moisturisers are occlusives (ie: to hold the moisture in), they're not really hydrators.
    The excessive use of face wipes REALLY annoyed and upset me. I don't care if she rips her skin off because she used them. I care that they are not biodegradable, therefore, the environment suffers.
    Her cleansing routine was bonkers!
    AND, when she 'declared' that oil based products are applied before water based ones, I almost fainted, 😱😱😱

    Her being mega rich doesn't have any baring on her skin care routine. It definitely was NOT a great routine.

    Sorry, this is just my humble opinion. I've enjoyed all the other vids I have watched. xxx

  5. Koya Moon
    Koya Moon says:

    If you drink your lemon water with a straw (a reusable straw of course)… then you won't need to worry about the lemon juice being too harsh on the teeth enamel.

  6. incitanemxx
    incitanemxx says:

    Usually I really enjoy your reaction videos. This time I must admit I found it a little bit irritating that you repeatedly defended the products Anastasia used because she wants to treat herself. I think your viewers are aware that Anastasia can use whatever she wants. I mean isn't the point of this video showing us possible misconceptions about those products? You said all celebrities use certain brands and they all look nice. You of all people know that they get facials all the time and probably consult with astheticians and stuff. Nobody is judging Anastasia. personally I come to you to hear what you think about the ingredients of the products, not what products smell nice or luxurious. I don't mean to hate, I just wanted to point out what kind of content I prefer. I'm still going to leave a like. I hope you understand. 🙂

  7. Glitter Fallout City
    Glitter Fallout City says:

    with the amount of money she has, i thought she'd look a lot better. she just looks like everyone's aunt here in Romania who tries to look younger than she is and gives advice about things she has no idea about.

  8. Jared Cruz
    Jared Cruz says:

    Side note, lemon (from what I understand) causes damage to your teeth in high concentration… aka if you were to literally EAT a lemon it would for sure damage your teeth. You are essentially diluting it, so it isn't necessarily causing a lot of damage. Unless you're swishing it around in your mouth lmao.

  9. Trisha
    Trisha says:

    I've spent all day watching your videos. So inspiring and informative. My question is that about a year ago i started using coconut oil on my face. It has helped so much with my dryness and my milia. It doesnt clog my pores and has improved my skin and helps my make up look so much better. You say you don't like it, and I understand why, but what I'm wondering is am I causing long term damage in the end?

  10. Perfumaphilia
    Perfumaphilia says:

    I don't know exactly when makeup wipes became the default makeup removal method and not just a necessary practical product for the rare occasion when you don't have access to a sink. I'm guessing it has to do with very good marketing and the perceived convenience factor (even though it doesn't take much longer to use an oil cleanser).

    And even is she's not using oily serums before watery serums (it's too bad she doesn't know what's in the products she's using) she's still telling people to go from oil-based to water-based, which isn't correct.

  11. Anika Haß
    Anika Haß says:

    No,just no! Have a look on the inci list on the website of lamer, you’ll see that the soft moisturizer has a lot Dimethicone in it, beside the creme de la mer has biozide, Paraffine, mineral oil in it. There’s a lot more ingredients in it that fragrance (last listed) that are not stand able to put in such a high prized product. I used to give the lamer products a try, and i appreciate the feeling the marketing is offering. Even about the history about the cream to be developed for burned skin: yes, i believe so, but i guess the recipe changed a lot since than, you wouldn’t put such substances to damaged skin. And i agree with Susan, that it’s about the psychological side-effect a good product ( or pricey one) has,too to use for some ( for me as well) but does it give me a good feeling, when i don’t see a relation anymore to effect/price? It’s ego- thinking in a bad manner in my opinion; even when LaMer would have better ingredients, as a company joining the Estee Lauder Regiment, they could have a more future oriented campaign for the riffs when they make their money with it, or is it riff save? World’s changing guys so should our view to it.

  12. Hollis Gordon
    Hollis Gordon says:

    I am a registered Diet Technician and I have a BS in Nutrition. People ask me all the time about alkaline foods and beverages. This is really a marketing ploy because your body has multiple mechanisms for maintaining your internal pH levels. If you really had a problem regulating your pH you would be in the hospital. Any time you eat any food (alkaline or not) it passes from your mouth through your esophagus into the incredibly acidic environment of your stomach to help break it down. This acidic mixture passes into the small intestine along with an alkaline chemical called bicarbonate from your pancreas which neutralizes the acid. Please don't waste your money on this gimmick. Drinking regular water is enough to rehydrate you!

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