lemonade is a cute aesthetic.

if ya ever wanna send me sumthin:

MAD Molly
P.O Box 248
Hastings, NE 68902


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  1. Kristen Benally
    Kristen Benally says:

    I'm was more on the emo side. But Im no longer into that style since I've became an adult, now I'm really into makeup, so I came to watch your video because I like how your makeup looks.
    Also has anyone ever told you you kind of look like Hayden Panettiere?
    Love the out come of the makeup and those lashes are amazing.

  2. Cylie Fields
    Cylie Fields says:

    I'm so pale that I use porcelain for foundation and I don't even need to blend it down my neck because it matches perfectly. I guess my Irish genes beat the shit outta my Indian ones lol

  3. Anthony A
    Anthony A says:

    Prettiest girl on YouTube yet has only 6.62K subscribers… Moral of the story? Not all good looking people are successful, at least not overnight…

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