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Hey guys! So this story time is about when I got burned super bad during my laser hair removal process. Thank goodness I was able to not only get a refund, but to heal completely from the burns. Be cautious with things like this and be sure to do your research! Please learn from my mistakes. =]

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Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Tricia R
    Tricia R says:

    Girllllll I am so sorry this happened to you! I work at a plastic surgeons office and I’m not trained on lasers but I can tell you this lady has zero idea what she’s doing. First off, we put numbing lotion on before, we also follow the laser with cool air, and our lasers do not look like that. They make the clicking noise you’re talking about. This lady burned you because of your skin pigment not because you drank. The two big no nos for lasers are being on/recently being on antibiotics and being in the sun before or after. Basically the darker your skin is the more pigmented you are (more melatonin) so the lower the settings on the laser need to be. We have four lasers at our office and the only one we can use on darker skin is the PicoWay. So she used the wrong setting and that’s why you have scarring and burn marks. Also, pain tolerance is a mind set and I could tell you did not trust her and you were not relaxed, that’s going to make it hurt more. Also things like being on your period and being dehydrated can make the pain worse. Laser does hurt I will say that but you shouldn’t be burned and hurting after, it only hurts in the moment. I also knew this was going to be bad bc we charge around $600 for 6 sessions…. you went to a super cheap place that probably had crappy lasers and uneducated staff. I wish those didn’t exist because there’s no way for you to know that!! She should have had a consultation with you, went over all of this, and did a skin test on you.

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