Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!
Professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, talks about different tanning options as well as how to apply tanning lotion and self tanner.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. James Robson
    James Robson says:

    I don't know how I ended up on this video I was just looking for natural vegan self tanner review videos hahaha. If anyone finds this video 8 years later and watches it make sure you use a tanning glove, if you do what he did you will stain the heck out of your hand hahahaha

  2. EGstill85
    EGstill85 says:

    Bruh, you need to use one of those foam tanning gloves to keep your hands from looking like your’s did in the video. I started using fake tan foam after shaving my head for a while and getting sick of looking like I had a terminal illness with my natural pasty ass skin tone. I won’t go into all the details for how to pull it off without having it look fake/streaky/blotchy etc. All you need to do is go watch any one of the hundreds of tutorials for at home fake tan applications put online by women. Just pick the video with the most likes and highest amount of views. That’s what I did and now I no longer look like a zombie in the wintertime…

  3. Storm Riglin
    Storm Riglin says:

    Bro, Alpha, lol this video is hard to watch haha you've grown so much since then. I've been watching you for YEARS and I've based pretty much most if not all my wardrobe and self care decisions off of your advice and I've got to say… Thank you so f***ing much for this great content. To give you some perspective, I was looking for some sunless tanner reviews on YouTube and who do I look up first? Of course, my good friend Alpha! and I came across this old video which I watched wayyyyyy back in the day. The difference between this and now is night and day. You are, in my opinion the most important person on YouTube when it comes to the advocacy of mens health, grooming, hygiene, style and so on. I just wanted to express very deep and undying gratitude​ to you, my friend. Because I feel like we all know you, and you've helped us to grow into sexy, stylish, modern men and ultimately​ helped us become better people in the process, at least in my own experience. Thanks again brother. Very much live and best wishes to you. -Storm

  4. Scuffedgodcx
    Scuffedgodcx says:

    Yes and yes! Both sun and tanning booths cause cancer. And youre damn lucky it was this specific type, since for instance if youve gotten a melanoma it could have been deadly. When you have had skin cancer, even if its been cut out consider it a near death experience and a warning sign.

  5. Josh Rone
    Josh Rone says:

    Hey Alpha, I watch most of your new videos, and have followed you for a little while now. Just came across this older one, and wanted to say WOW! This video isn’t bad but it’s very cool to see the progress from this video to your videos now. Your vibe, confidence, production, and charisma now aren’t even comparable! Progress is cool! Keep inspiring us brother!

  6. tenteimuitosnomes
    tenteimuitosnomes says:

    that's the price of vanity
    some smokes for decades and die naturally some don't smoke and die of lung cancer
    l'm brazilian and l go the poolpark every weekend 
    l won't return to be pale again cause l just love my tan color
    never went to tanning booth once the sun is natural(vitamin D) and free(here in brazil tanning booth is illegal because that cancer speculation but you can find one or 2 around city)

  7. Taio Jackson
    Taio Jackson says:

    The price for tanning booths has come down because they are proven to cause cancer and premature aging. Have you had your head under a rock the past few years?????? Of course it is dangerous!!!!!! Don't use tanning booths or lie out in the sun!!!!

  8. catgrrrlsr
    catgrrrlsr says:

    I know you did this some time ago, but ran across it & thought it was cool. Never had considered guys worrying about their tan! Not saying it's stupid, just fun. (My husband could care less.)  Wanted to mention something I haven't seen mentioned on ANYONE's self-tanning video.  Most of the products say (if you actually read the directions :), to exfoliate & moisturize your elbows & knees before using their product.  I've found that applying hand lotion to my hands before using (or dyeing my hair) really helps with the orange palms problem.
    About your wife, I hope she's doing well.  My husband & I are both medical people & do our best to keep up with stuff.  Constant tanning in beds can be dangerous, but the vitamin D someone else mentioned is also important.  Your skin needs sunlight (no sunblock)  to make V-D and there are chemicals in the body that can't get made if no sun enters your eyes.  Most experts on this recommend about an hr. of sunlight per day (not from 11am-1pm).  Taking V-D3 is also important, but a supplement is never as good as the real thing.  Ok, sorry, I'm done. Sorry about being so long-winded!  🙂

  9. William Thomas
    William Thomas says:

    I've given up on fake tans….I always ended up looking like the Great Pumpkin!  I'm REALLY white naturally…..I keep buying these products and keep ending up looking ridiculous!  I gotta stop…but you keep tempting me!  Stop!

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