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Let’s be honest. Sometimes fake tans aren’t perfect. It happens to the best of us! We’re taking a look at some hilarious celebrity fake tan fails here on Dirty Laundry!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

50 replies
  1. Steffanie Moore
    Steffanie Moore says:

    Well I think it's funny that you guys are so nasty about others. Guys you looked great, girls get another make up artist. Plus all except 3 of the girls need to rethink your hard color before you do a shit talking video. Just saying!

  2. noble exile
    noble exile says:

    I have naturally honey brown skin colour. When I was kid people often call me black. I don't understand their words that time. But now I clearly meaning behind their words.
    People should love and accept themselves. Like I do and I am happy now.

  3. lissa bean
    lissa bean says:

    It's funny how a group white ppl r making fun of Ariana's tan, y'all r jealous bc y'all so damn pale. Go get a tan.

    Ariana's smoking hot with her fake tan.

  4. queen f
    queen f says:

    I'm Asian and everyone in here obsessed with having pale white skin and you guys do fake tan and tanning ,wtf is wrong with humans ? just be grateful for what you already have like pale white skin or tan or black or Olive, dark litterally anything . everybody is different and unique – ly beautiful .you can't be someone that you're not smh

  5. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    joslyn is the most loving and positive person in the world – and it just shows, the love you give out you get back multiple times. she is so happy and she deserves nothing less than the best <3

  6. indicortelai
    indicortelai says:

    I dont think these were bad at all. You just judge too much. I tried faint tan lotion today, and first of all my hand palms were orange, but my body was fine. Just a little bit tanned. Little bit holes (buh broh! It’s fine)

  7. ana bangs
    ana bangs says:

    how can you judge somebody soo easliy.. let them do whatever they wanted to do.. why the hell you wanted to make fun of them..go get a life guys… first know the story behind whats happening with their bodies and then shut ur mouth cuz ur not anybody to judge them. y do u have to? u getting paid by judging and loosing respect!!! thats cool!! i would never want to see me like you!why do u care if its a fake tan..y do u want to make it a news!! whats wrong in doing that.. first look at how u are then have time to judge others. but dont live on judging people and making money.! get that

  8. Mitchell McGregor
    Mitchell McGregor says:

    Well I’m a redhead so I don’t tan…well if you count a deep shade of red as a tan they I tan very nicely. Also I won an ambassador competition in my county and one salon company gave me a free spray tan coupon and let’s just say my older sister, who is not a redhead, got a nice free tan.😂😂😂

  9. Angie Starr
    Angie Starr says:

    Okay I so love this show but Btw the picture of Christina is when a lot of people thought she started here period because that's actually blood but it wasn't her starting her period I forgot what it was exactly but something happened and blood just came dripping down its not self tanner dripping or her "melting" lol

  10. Bailey Louise
    Bailey Louise says:

    This is really random but is it just me or does anyone else tan very well in summer and keeps it through winter and is also Italian so then people think your mixed..?
    …..Just me….??…ok..

    No but literally this girl thinks I’m mixed at school. She would be talking to her friends then says something like, “white people”(she is biracial) then looks at me and says, “it’s ok,your not white” and I think, “ but I am” and I always say yes I am I’m just very tan and Italian and now I’m wondering if someone else goes through these problems.

  11. lunatikker
    lunatikker says:

    if Jennifer Lawrence had a darker lip on she would’ve looked fabulous…the lipstick was a strange cool nude that was lighter than her complexion

  12. Claudia K
    Claudia K says:

    yeah of course bad fake tans aren't good and don't look good at all but its weird how its more acceptable to be exposed to harmful sun rays than actually achieve a color you want without any harmful rays from the sun. I know the message of this video is to love yourself the way you are but i look better with color and I'm sure a lot of people do 🙂

  13. itsElisa
    itsElisa says:

    as if kylie would have posted that picture if the spray tan was a fail
    it was obviously the lighting because if someone can afford a good tan its kylie jenner

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