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Laser Hair Removal

28 replies
  1. kimiann b
    kimiann b says:

    I had a small burn on my cheek, and I went to a store that  sold natural products, and the lady recommended a emu oil for my burn, and it was wonderful. its natural ,no perfumes , and you use just a little and you can also use it on scars, that might help after the treatments…good luck…

  2. fullpinklips01
    fullpinklips01 says:

    So at the beginning of the vlog, you were only wearing CC cream? Which one? It really covers up great! I know you've mentioned one before, I'm not sure of the name. I'm looking for a good coverage one-plus I have oily skin.

  3. Debbie Sidera Domenech
    Debbie Sidera Domenech says:

    Hi Andrew. Our faces look like tweens! My experience: I was so nervous since I know their machine is way more powerful than mine. I used the #1 level on the Tria 4x (It has 5 levels of power and the 1 is the lower one) I couldn't hole the #2 because the pain. Well, after the first shot it was less painful that I thought. Their professional machine uses a vacuum to pull the skin. Previous the treatment, they also applied a topical 'numbing cream' that (I'm sure) helped to calm the pain. The 'optical end of the laser' its also much bigger than the mine, so its much faster and less shots. There is a small 'gun' for the areas around the lips and nose. It smell so bad! like burn hair… She told me -It's the smell of the success, LOL! In less than an hour I was out of the door. They recommended to use a very high sun protection or stay away from it. Don't wax,… My hair its suppose to fall off but it didn't yet. My skin was red but not bad. Next day my skin was red and irritated around the neck area.  I have been shaving (I think twice) my beard. Its feels weird… the skin is very sensible. I'm using the Mac NW25 studio finish concealer to cover all the irritated areas. I have next appointment in 6 weeks since they want to make sure that the hair is active before the treatment. (circle of hair is growing).

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