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The best hair removal for teenagers starting out is either going to a spa and allowing them to do a wax for them, but if you are gonna do at home or if your daughter is gonna do it at home or son there is some things that you should know. There is something out there called a hypoallergenic cold wax. And this allows for one for safety nothing has to be heated and also there is no major chemicals in this. So I always suggest the cold wax for somebody who is starting out. Also for a teenager what we want to do is try to extend how long they have to go through this. So I tell them use Don’t Grow There; it extends the length of the wax it also makes the hair finer. We don’t have to wax as often. One of the things to avoid as a teenager starting out is to be doing something like this on your own. First of all I would always make sure that I have somebody there with me who has done it before, if you are going to do this at home. And secondly always test the area first, you ll never know how your skin is going to react. Even is it is a cold wax and shaving, shaving is a skill believe it or not. So I always say start off with the cold wax, do a little test and have somebody there with you.

Laser Hair Removal

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