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When we discover unwanted facial hair, our first reaction may be to shave it off. The problem, as Ariane explains, is that shaving tends to make your hair grow back in thicker.

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Laser Hair Removal

30 replies
  1. Linda Swoveland
    Linda Swoveland says:

    I used to tweeze my chin hairs, but would end up with little bumps on my chin line. So now I shave and it does not grow back thicker and I have no more bumps. So I have to say NO to tweeting chin hairs.

  2. taylorgrace87
    taylorgrace87 says:

    I am 58, and I use the Bellabe facial hair remover. It is a tool that pulls the hair out by the roots, much like tweezing, except that it is removing many hairs at a time so it is quick. And at this age, I find that using tweezers is impossible as I can't see the hairs. And Bellabe is perfect because I don't need to look in the mirror at all!!

  3. S LaMar Bennett
    S LaMar Bennett says:

    I use a Tweezie battery-operated tweezer. I absolutely love it. It even gets the ones you can't see. It's a real bargain. It is fast too. It is tweezing though so it is not without a little pain. I will never burn my upper lip with wax again. You can get them on Amazon for around $10

  4. Mary Munarin
    Mary Munarin says:

    Lol, tweezing my chin -> hobby that I do to occupy my hands while watching (well, okay, listening to) Youtube videos, instead of just fingering my face and fretting. A lamp behind bounces light off the 10X concave mirror onto my chin, showing even the smallest culprit. Bonus: upper lip, nose, and eyebrows, too. I like skinny scientific tweezers for this because they don't limit my view of this very close work. Very useful video, comforting to know so many women struggle and overcome this common problem.

  5. water2wine1
    water2wine1 says:

    I think I’m going to get an electric shaver. My blonde peach fuzz grows back so quickly on the sides of my neck and jawline. Tried a razor but have difficulty hitting all the spots evenly.

  6. Shelia Deno
    Shelia Deno says:

    Do you not feel that waxing causes the skin and gives you wrinkles around the mouth on your chin and around theJaw line and gives you more wrinkles as it’s pulling the skin

  7. CH S
    CH S says:

    What with your hair shifting from head, eyelashes and eyebrows to everywhere on your body where it is not wanted or needed. Your arse shifting into your stomach. Not to mention everything going south. Getting old is difinetly not for sissies. Cheers to old age🍾🥂

  8. CH S
    CH S says:

    I have a full on moustache. One thing to be thankful for although l have dark hair my moustache is blond. Thank you for sharing l needed this🌹❤🌹

  9. Lindseyann2u
    Lindseyann2u says:

    If you keep a magnifying mirror in your car for this purpose, be careful to cover it up if you’re parked in the sun. My mom caught the lining of the ceiling of her car on fire by the sun shining on the mirror. Magnifying mirrors have this effect.

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