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From Thematic

Canon 700D with standard lens http://bit.ly/2hMg0VL
Neewer 18″ Ring Light http://amzn.to/2jRP8I4
Soft box http://ebay.eu/2hOvfO3
Macbook Pro 15″ http://apple.co/2zZvGzj
Final Cut Pro

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25 replies
  1. Juliet Townsend
    Juliet Townsend says:

    Just commenting to say – your vids have fallen out of my feed- until today! AWESOME to see you!! Will try commenting more often to see if that sends more of your fab videos my way.

  2. pendulouspoet
    pendulouspoet says:

    This is awesome – another educational about myth and make up history. Also love that while you’re using up a certain brand’s products, you aren’t endorsing an anti vaxxer eugenist racist, and offer alternatives. I once loved that brand and I have so much stuff to use up. It feels so wasteful to just throw it out, but yeah. Not recommending it to anyone anymore…

  3. Mint
    Mint says:

    I love this look so much! Edgy make up and creepy folklore are both things I adore so these videos are so perfect to me 🙌 you're so skilled 🙏

  4. Anna N
    Anna N says:

    I love this series so much! It's always fascinating, and the looks you do are always stunning. The Pat McGrath reference was what really caught my attention initially, and the gold on the lips looks fantastic. I also loved the eyes, that almost downturned effect is brilliant! Every time I get a notif from you, it always brightens my day!

  5. Cass James
    Cass James says:

    Love this look! Your mythology looks are absolutely amazing. They’re my favourites to watch. I know you’ve done two videos on the Russian Rusalkas and one on Selkies before, but would you maybe consider doing videos of other mermaid myths from different cultures? Anyway, love you and these videos! Keep up the amazing work!

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