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You guys know how I feel about in-flight skincare routines…But what about flight attendants? What’s the best way to care for your skin when you’re on a plane almost every day? I get this question a lot, so I thought it would be interesting to react to a flight attendants skincare routine and see what products she uses before and after flights. Enjoy!

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Susan Yara:
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

40 replies
    ARNESAH J says:

    thank you for reviewing me, I have also changed things up since like no skin brush everyday, spf 50 with a tint
    and you're so right editing was a little off, splitting up skin, makeup, and hair routines separately
    so at night I wash, tone and then use a mask and seal with my night cream
    I don't shower it off, I shower before skincare lol
    and I also don't use makeup wipes anymore

  2. iamawesomeprods
    iamawesomeprods says:

    Is there anything you would suggest that is carryable to cleanse instead of makeup wipes? I don’t use makeup wipes on a regular but a lot of times I stay at friends houses and they don’t have products I can use so I Bring makeup wipes what other products are good to use?

  3. Cunty Hunty
    Cunty Hunty says:

    I really never will understand people who fly 2hrs coach and act like they’re Kylie Jenner on her private jet to Tokyo or something.
    1- airplanes are bacteria capsules
    2- you’re going home to your family for Christmas, not going to the Bahamas for a shooting
    3- just why.

  4. Alycia
    Alycia says:

    I never realized I needed SPF on a plane! I fly a few times a year and I usually do skip makeup and just leave a heavily moisturizer face. Since I hate touching my face while in the airport or plane I bring a small spray bottle filled with half rose water and half of a rice and carrot based toner and I’ll spray my face throughout the flight. I find it gives my face some moisture without having to touch my face throughout the flight.

  5. Sophia Neilsson
    Sophia Neilsson says:

    Are there any makeup wipes that are ok?? I use essano rosehip oil wipes occasionally if I am in too much pain to get up and wash my face properly but prob not more than once every one or two weeks…..

  6. MsJilsephonie
    MsJilsephonie says:

    Can someone explain me plz how is she gonna put so many layers on her face without the products rolling i mean 1. humectant2. vit c serum3. rich cream5. spfand a make up on the top of all this??? im asking seriously how is it even possible i can do max 2 layers under my makeup i would love to do more anyone help me pretty please???

  7. E L
    E L says:

    Wow…that is a lot of perfume-y products. I totally get it because it makes for a nice experience but it's concerning having that much fragrance in all your products if you are looking from a dermalogical perspective…

    Edit: Susan always has great observations and recommendations. Like that there is a separate routine for non-work days. Such attention to detail ^_^

  8. alondra
    alondra says:

    I use makeup wipes before cleanser and I know it’s not the best but the way I use them I think it’s fine tbh. I use a fragrance free one that’s super soft and I add a good amount of water on it and I tap gently on my skin and it’s not very drying. Any other way esp with fragrance wipes are terrible on my skin. I might switch to a balm soon but I’m cheap…

  9. bree mendoza
    bree mendoza says:

    I once had a client who is a flight attendant and she told me that the air quality in the cabin is bad is a common misconception and basically a myth and that the quality is actually quite good..I wish I could remember exactly how she explained it to me but it was interesting. I’m sure there is truth in both sides of that topic

  10. Anastasia Julaidi
    Anastasia Julaidi says:

    HI Susan! thanks for this video! i have a similar skin type as Her in the video. Combo skin with slight dehydration skin. And i always want and care bout your knowledge. And so I think,hmm why I am not trying the suggested routine in the video. Then I started to do the Work Routine. first, because i want to bring back the hydration back into my skin! Turn out, its not difficult at all, cause i have all the similar use of products!! i always buy but ended up messing the order of using!

    All i can say is Thankyou! Now i have a simpler routine! and its work well!!! I think in the past, I over do it. With the mindset evrtg NOW and More is More. Now, my skin looking healthy and happy!!! yay!

  11. MsJilsephonie
    MsJilsephonie says:

    What kind of ingredients would you recommend for people with extremely sensitive and rosacea prone skin?? Im specially interested in serums ,is vit c serum ok to use?? or would you reccomend HA serum?? Can you guys please give me any advice ??

  12. October Country
    October Country says:

    Omg I'm so glad you mentioned La Roche Posay, their products have changed my life. I always thought my skin was super oily until I started using the Toleriane? (probably not spelling that right) line, and realized my skin was just irritated with the other products I was using.

  13. Animals Are Our Angels
    Animals Are Our Angels says:

    I know that years ago, many flight attendants used to love the “Orlane” line……I was never a flight attendant, but I loved and used the line too! It was on the pricey side however, it was so very effective! I don’t see Orlane at all these days! Interesting video! Thank you! Susan

  14. Alex
    Alex says:

    I like your videos! Can you do eye make up tutorials or talk about ones that 1) work with the appearance of aging eye area and eyelid skin 😁 and maybe 2) are flattering for fellow half Asians and Asians? Your makeup looks great!

  15. Humaira Ahmed
    Humaira Ahmed says:

    I don't think it's about being above the ozone layer or being closer to the sun. It's more about the quality of the recirculated, compressed air. It's dry and it's gross.

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