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A Model’s Body Care Routine Broken Down – What I Eat In Japan, How I Workout While I Travel, & How I Take Care of My Skin To Get Back Into My Routines + What I Do At The Spa // Sanne Vloet

Hi guys,

Let’s start with two questions, so how many of you have a consistent skincare routine & my second question is how many of you have liked this frequency of posting? Well if you like to watch videos about wellness, fitness, and skincare I filmed this video for you! I spent a whole week in Japan working to build my routines again, organize my plans, and rest my mind. I’m sure some of you have watched my three vlogs from Japan, but if you haven’t hit that subscribe button and make sure to check out the other videos on the channel!

So for those of you who are curious about how a model might train, eat, or take care of her body on a trip I think you’ll enjoy this video. In Kyoto the Hyatt Regency has an amazing Japanese breakfast that my friends and I enjoyed every morning! The amazing thing about Japan was that it gave me the peace and rest I needed to get back into all of my routines especially my fitness routine. It does really help to have a workout partner so if you are trying to get into a routine find a friend, someone you may have a crush on, your sibling, and just work together to keep each other in line to hit your goals! Routines really do make a difference, right?

It’s been a moment since I’ve filmed a detailed full body wellness video. I want you guys to tell me what your routines are and also what products you are using! My friend Benny who I’ve been working on izé with and I have been looking into our friends routines and people in our industries of fashion and beauty. So share yours with us because we want to start a skincare focused community for everyone and share content about the right foods for your skin, the different beauty hacks that we’ve learned along the way, and everything else in between!

So we are getting close to the holidays and the new decade! I’m trying to come up with five goals for 2020 but i’ve only come up with three!

1. Organize myself as best as I can so that I can handle things that are unexpected
2. Start sharing three videos a week by February 1st
3. Connect with more of you in the world (how I’m still trying to figure out)

What are your’s? Is your list still growing? Join me, subscribe, and let me know what you are planning to do, what goals you are setting, and share with me your stories about your health!

It’s going to be nice today from what I saw on the weather report so I’m excited to try to film a holiday date night get ready with me vlog video, I don’t think I could say that in english easily haha. So guys don’t forget to join me and come say on instagram this week!



Those of you who read my entire description I will get everything to you this week somehow. I’ll be going back to the comments to see who responded to me!

Where we stayed – Hyatt Regency Kyoto –
The spa we visited – Riraku Spa at the Hyatt Regency Kyoto –
Treatment – Acupuncture and Japanese Cypress Dry Bath Experience

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Save 20% on your entire cart, including All Natural & Organic Self Tanning Lotion that's actually good for your skin! Simply use coupon code: VIXEN20 at checkout! Limited time only at: VOGENIX.COM

41 replies
  1. zinc vitamin
    zinc vitamin says:

    Love this video of your body care routine, so I'd like to watch that in NYC and in Amsterdam too! I'll try the dry bath made of hinoki next week when I'll be in kyoto. Thank you so much!

  2. Ana Villanueva
    Ana Villanueva says:

    I just subscribed to you after watching this 💛 I am suffering with Anxiety and depression right now. I used to be a healthy eater and exercise before. Then while searching here, I bumped out with this video of yours.. and here I am going to start and try again my journey on finding myself again ✨

    Stay gorgeous and healthy! I wanna request a vlog of simple vegan recipes! 😊

  3. ぽっぽぷくぷく
    ぽっぽぷくぷく says:

    Hi I'm your fan from Japan, and I'm so happy about you can enjoyed every thing in Japan, especially food. Everything is really Japanese food haha but you looks is so happy so I'm also happy 😆😆😆

  4. Rose Ndeto
    Rose Ndeto says:

    Hi Sanne! I'm glad Japan gave you the rest and reset you needed. I enjoyed this vlog and got to know about new interesting wellness treatments! Thanks for that! I would love it if you covered natural at home skincare treatments comprehensively in a full video. I will be sure to try the sugar+honey using brown sugar which has bigger granules. Congratulations for the nutrition course you took. I am passionate about wellness, fitness, travel and healthy nutrition. Could you let me know the nutrition course so I can check it out?

    My Vision for 2020:

    Start my Youtube channel.
    Travel more.
    Start a new exciting job.

  5. Emma Waaramaa
    Emma Waaramaa says:

    I haven’t come up with any goals yet but I really want to meet you in 2020 I don’t know how or when because we both have busy schedules but someday I want to have a fun day of lunch shopping and tons of other things, I do hope maybe one day you can come to Arizona and we can meet and I can give you a big hug! ❤️❤️

  6. Aistė Kabašinskaitė
    Aistė Kabašinskaitė says:

    I really like your personality and style… But this "workout" is kinda disappointing… :(( If you are working out just like this, you must be not eating properly to keep that figure… It doesn't seem right.

  7. gisselle Famoso
    gisselle Famoso says:

    Wow!!! Subscribed! Your video was so beautiful and so are you!!! Please do a workout routine video!!! I’ve watched you before but today’s video was incredibly captivating and relaxing!!! Love your soothing voice! You are so gorgeous! ♥️

  8. John Doumba
    John Doumba says:

    life is so easy when you are a man, first of all i never get "ma period" , secondly i wake up at 7:30 drink a coffee have a smoke brush my teeth wear my clothes and at 7:50 im out of the house and off to work. My girfriend wakes up at 6:30 to do all the same stuff plus make up, brushing her hair etc etc

  9. Lo Li
    Lo Li says:

    Really relaxing video, Such an awesome stretching toning workout so replenishing so inspiring, omg you're so healthy, I totally love seaweed and tofu so high in calcium, is that nori awesome source of iodine too. Awesome self care video, beautiful sightseeing workout xxx omg acupuncture so cool spa looks soo awesome for soothing sore muscles

  10. Michael Peric
    Michael Peric says:

    You are one hot sexy woman really hot I'll talk to you again sometime babe💚🔥👄👄💋💋💘💥 and Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year from Michael in Australia sweet dreams gorgeous💚💚💜💜💙💙😍

  11. Reya
    Reya says:

    I personally think that lifting heavy weights is essential if you really want to sculpt your body. Of course doing non-weights exercises has an effect too, but it is more about staying lean and not building muscle mass to shape your body how you want.
    But yeah, I understand that it is part of your job to maintain that figure, so lifting heavy wouldn‘t be the best idea.

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