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We all have some facial hair that we need to get rid of, tackle, shave, laser, epilate and wax – so here is an honest, open and very funny video of my good friend Emma Guns (of the brilliant Emma Guns Podcast) telling us all about her journey with PCOS and how it has caused her to suffer from facial hair, and all of the ways that she tackles it.

She is funny, open and brutally honest and shaves and lasers and epilates live.

Here are her favourite gadgets – and my all time gold standard.
*Twezerman Slant Edge Tweezers
* Lilibeth Brow Shaper –
* Braun Sil Epil 9 –
* Parissa Hot Wax –
* Philips Lumea Prestige –


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39 replies
  1. hipretty
    hipretty says:

    I would never remove my peach fuzz. For that reason I will try all kinds of other tricks for the skin rather than dermaplaning! This new trend of women shaving their faces makes me absolutely crazy! I am not talking about mustache removal, or women who are concerned with bothersome hair as Emma is. (Emma you are beautiful by the way) I mean women shaving their entire faces…their velous hair…. their foreheads??? OMG!!!! For the sake of makeup application? No!!!! I think it is insane. Wait until they are over 50 and hormonal. They are going to look like Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen with his 6:00 shadow!!! 💗 you Nadine! 😘

  2. taylorgrace87
    taylorgrace87 says:

    I am using the Bellabe which is a gadget that actually pulls the hair out by the roots, and leave my skin soft and smooth. I also find that my hair grows back slower and finer.

  3. Wajeeha 2k3
    Wajeeha 2k3 says:

    Hi.can we use the ordinary buffet,niacinamide and the ordinary hyaluronic acid with laser hair removal treatment.plz reply because I bought philps Ipl and need to know in detail.thanks

  4. Karen Curtis
    Karen Curtis says:

    Just found this love the girlfriend share idea , we already get together for doing our nails and brows we can just have another drink and include this perfect xxxx

  5. Seagreentangerine
    Seagreentangerine says:

    Medical Grade IPL works. The IPL you get in a normal salon won't cut it. You need the more powerful machines, run by nurses and medics. Once every 2 weeks for your first 2 sessions, then 4 weeks apart. I had 4 sessions on my legs and they've been hair free for 6 years, then started coming back very sparse.

    I had my whole nether regions done as a Brazilian, with IPL, I've hardly got a hair there and the hair between my thigh crease never grew back.

    I had really thick, tree stump hair, with two or three black hairs in each pore, even my breasts had dark hair, it was soul destroying.

    I spent every penny I had on hair removal, nothing spent on holidays, clothes etc. But it was worth it!

    Get this done before you're 50, ladies, you won't regret it.

  6. Abigail Porter
    Abigail Porter says:

    OMGoodness, why have i never come across your channel before?!! This is a wonderful video ladies, thanks tonnes. I have always had a slightly darker tash, growing up I kinda put it to the back of my head as I found it was all consuming. The thing that got me worse when I was late teens was the bikini line and my armpits, so I ended up getting laser hair removal at a clinic and after twelve sessions on each it really made a difference ( this was about 15 years ago) the bikini line has never grown back fully and neither the armpit hair but it's grown back sparsely but tbh I am happily married and hubby has seen me give birth to both our sons, so there's no shame. Now our youngest started school a year ago so, I have been looking into my beauty type things, because, well I can, I never bothered when they were super little as I had even worse skin than I have now and I was just too occupied with being at home with the kids. Here's the clincher, my mother dearest and nan went through the menopause at 39, I'm 38 in a couple of months and for the last 3 or so years, there have been certain symptoms that could suggest peri-menopause , more recently, my tash hairs are coming up darker and I have sprouted a few more too, there have been sprouters on my chin. My peach fuzz on the sides of my face and down the neck etc is still pale atm so I am not too fussed about it but the tash has really been bothering me lately. I would love to get the at home laser, but that'll be a save up kinda thing. I seriously think it's down to hormone changes ( not that it shows up on hormone blood tests till right before you hit menopause as I hear it). I am really going to try my damndest to save for the at home laser though, because I was so impressed from laser hair removal from years back that an at home one would be proper lush!! Loved this open chat about it though, it needs to be done more thoughout society, let's face it, we're all human!! xXx

  7. 1Noizeemama
    1Noizeemama says:

    Thank you for being so frank and explaining this so well. You have described so much of what I tell my friends. Many still do not want to talk about it, but once I state my menopause problems they come forward about their issues and are so happy it isn't just them.

  8. ruth davis
    ruth davis says:

    Loved your segment. I have also used all of the above hair removals. Love the epilator and have a wonderful product me flashing light that is permanent and does all hair types and skin types. If you have tried everything and nothing works try the braun epilator and the me, it guarantees permanent hair removal on all hair types and I love it. Good job ladies…look forward to watching more videos.

  9. Melanie Andrews
    Melanie Andrews says:

    Nadine- I need your help! Sensitive, brown skin and need to remove upper lip hair- sensitive skin does not take well to wax at all. Afraid to laser (brown skin). I’ve tried a cream but it doesn’t do a thorough job… what is your best advice?

  10. Vogue Girl
    Vogue Girl says:

    Any tips for getting rid of hairs above your lip. I have black hair naturally and always seem to get dark hairs appearing like a mouchtache. I have tried hair removal cream like nairs but they start growing back within the next day. I have also tried waxing strips but these are absolutely useless and I end up with the gooey stuff on my skin. I am looking for something that is not expensive and that helps prevent the hair growing as quick.

  11. Martina Sheils
    Martina Sheils says:

    I use an epilator. After having chemo 10 yrs ago I developed more peach fuzz on my face than was natural, I was recommended an epilator and I still use one to this day 🤗

  12. Gertrude Higginbotham
    Gertrude Higginbotham says:

    I started to get a moustache at 11, as well as very hairy legs, arms & back. At 60 my upper lip and body hair have thinned out and are now much less of a problem, although I have recently developed some thick chin hairs.
    I have tried most things, but not laser. I am a bit scared of it because it is so unnatural, and I fear delayed negative consequences.
    My best friends for decades have been a good pair of tweezers and an epilator. They have always worked best for me. I gave up on bleaching, shaving, depilating & waxing long ago.

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