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35 replies
  1. karina
    karina says:

    You have no idea how important it is for people to see videos like this. You are so strong and such a beautiful soul to follow ❤️ I wish you nothing but peace and happiness as you continue to grow in your life

  2. ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia
    ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia says:

    i congested often too nose bothering me all life and then throat, and now was hot days here in boston area so i was fine but now come cool air and i sick from it- and also i think from air condition in stores as i was in hot weather and then in cold store-ikea or other one, and now i am sick for few days. I take for it septolete pills from poland and fruits that have vitamin c like pineapple, and take c in pill too.

  3. ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia
    ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia says:

    I feel you Gretchen, my mom passed away 9 years ago so sudden and I was going thru grief and my bf helped me go thru it but it was process that was going in me and it takes time and after few years is little better in a way that you are used to it and more with acceptance although still some days are harder then other, at beginning the city and places my mom liked to go, i liked to visit them and think about her in those places, like i felt her energy there or something. I moved then to new country to my bf and now not have those places where my mom used to go- but when I was in poland lately i found my mothers dairy from when she was 14 yo and will read it again as in past i already read it but many years ago and not remember and now i have her book and her egact sp thoughts which will connect me with my mom, i also connect wtih her in dreams – and when i miss her more then i think about her before sleeping and then we meet in dream. But drear Gretchen want to tell you that our parents really are close to us and know whats going on here on earth with us, as I had dreams like before I was gonna move to my Bf which lives here in usa, near boston btw, I had dream that i go with my mom to the place were u get visa and i had such 2 dreams with her, then i had dream that she saying that we are moving to usa, then i moved to usa. I might also belive that human souls not live only once but they rebirht in a new different life.

  4. Anessa Stonich
    Anessa Stonich says:

    I love how real and genuine you are with your followers, Gretchen! May God comfort your grieving heart. May you feel His loving spirit near you now, in the blessing of caring thoughts and in the comfort of cherished memories.

  5. Taryn Ruth
    Taryn Ruth says:

    i love the honesty in this video. so many influencers avoid topics like therapy and grief and loss and tend to pretend like everything is perfect. your honesty and willingness to actually address real life problems is inspiring

  6. Morgan Buff
    Morgan Buff says:

    hahahha "i didnt realize there was people without rhythm in this world." im laughing so hard because i had this exact same thought when i first met my boyfriend!! he has no sense of rhythm but he still dances and sings to the music as if he does. gotta love it!

  7. Caroline Sasser
    Caroline Sasser says:

    I lost my mom two weeks ago. She passed away from esophageal cancer. I am 17 and a rising senior in high school. It’s been a lot to deal with because she was a public figure and highly respected circuit court judge in palm beach county Florida. The experience has sucked but overall it’s made me a better person

  8. Erin Wilcox
    Erin Wilcox says:

    You’re such a beautiful person! You’re going to get through this. Stay strong girl. I’m so happy you are starting counseling. Self care days are so so so important!!

  9. Sophia Elisabeth
    Sophia Elisabeth says:

    Gretchen, when you show us your true emotions it makes us feel even more connected to you and we all just want to support you and make you feel better so show the real sides of you and we dont care if vlogs are sad or sometimes less energetic as others

  10. Emily Wells
    Emily Wells says:

    There is nothing wrong with seeing a thearipst! Its so important, watching you're blogs you don't try to have a "perfect" life like a lot of YouTubers, you have a super realistic life and I love that you are so open and share your feelings! its so important!

  11. Christina Brancato
    Christina Brancato says:

    Your red skin patch around your mouth might be Peri Oral Dermatitis – look it up! I had the same thing and went to a Dermatologist to figure out what was going on. Worth looking into!!

  12. Ally Hayes
    Ally Hayes says:

    Thanks for being so open and real Gretchen! You aren’t fake and have this great relationship with your followers.

    I wash my face in the shower but at the very beginning since apparently it’s bad for you to wash in the shower. I usually wet my hair put shampoo in and leave the shampoo in while I wash my face. Seems to work the best and I hate washing my face in the sink since water gets everywhere and my hair usually gets in my face. Love your video!!(:

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