Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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Aloha guys! Today I am reacting to @NikkieTutorials skin care routine, and giving my opinions and feedback. Watch to the end of the video to see my final thoughts! (And comment below with who you think I should react to next!)

Watch Nikkie’s skin care routine here:


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Does the order of application matter? (@KindOfStephen)

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

45 replies
  1. Miho Mashiro
    Miho Mashiro says:

    Can you elaborate on the differences between a mask and moisturizer when you said some masks are actually moisturizer? what are ACTUAL masks and what are their functions? Do we need them?

  2. P.M. Patterson
    P.M. Patterson says:

    Her skin is so horribly inflamed and the way she pulls and tugs on her eyes when applying eye cream is hard to watch. She should purchase a cream to address her redness issues and lightly tap her eye cream on. Honestly, good beauty is from the inside out. It’s difficult for me to take skin care advice from someone who may not take the best care of her body, health wise. This is not a shaming statement, just a health observation in general. I will listen to her makeup advice.

  3. Nikki Crystal
    Nikki Crystal says:

    Came across your channel was wondering if you have any advice for 2 months due to stress I've had really bad acne on the temples cheeks and jaw line, I use retinol and hylauronic acid and glycolic acid to try help it didn't so I finally went to my doctor and got a gel cream to help which contains 10mg clindamycin and 50mg anhydrous benzoyl peroxide and I used it twice once at night after my cleansing and it burnt my skin and I only put it on my acne and tiny amounts but I have really sensitive skin and I've got patches of red/orange inflamed scaly skin where it's burnt so I've literally just left my skin alone since please help me how do i get my skin to heal?! And how to help my acne also whilst I'm waiting to go back to my doctors please x

  4. Madison Wadsworth
    Madison Wadsworth says:

    Her skin is terrible. It's red, patchy, blotchy and uneven and just looks really raw and irritated.

    Further coconut oil on your face just isn't a good deal. The actual molecules are way too big to properly penetrate your pores, so it never really sinks in especially on your face. She should've went with something with perhaps tumeric for anti inflammatory proposes and a hyluronic acid for rehydrating the skin.

  5. B. K
    B. K says:

    Specialist? What does that even mean? You're not an aesthetician, you're not a dermatologist, you're not a plastic surgeon. So, what the fuck does specialist mean? You watched a bunch of YouTube videos? You worked at a Sephora?

  6. kryziz
    kryziz says:

    OMG I feel that I learnt quite a lot with your video!
    Honestly my routine was removing makeup with the makeup eraser. Clean it with either glamglow or cosmetic catastrophe by lush and then moisturiser either drunk elephant polypeptide or pink juice by glow recipe, sometimes including lush tea toner and done. Will definitely try to improve it.

  7. Sofie Skogly
    Sofie Skogly says:

    I’ve used 3 bottles of the micellar cleanser and i liked it a lot! The only problem was that it dried my skin out after rinsing it off. It made my skin feel tight if you understand😂
    Does anyone have ant recomandations on a not «dry» cleanser, then please let me know🥰

  8. Bee W
    Bee W says:

    This actually helped me a lot because my order is Neutrogena Grapefruit Oil Free Acne face wash, Witch Hazel Rose Toner, then a moisturizer with 15 spf. I have acne, acne scaring and scabs. And I do that routine twice a day. My acne has gotten better, but now I have dry spots that ate scaly on the bottom of my eyes and cheek bones. But other than that I have pimples, white heads, black heads and oil. And my poors are big. How can I get rid of it? Should I order eye cream? Or put oil on at night to help scarring?

  9. Jessica Lescord
    Jessica Lescord says:

    I deliver mail in NH so I'm in the cold alot i'm 32 my skin literally feels like leather at the end of the day because of the cold! I am mostly dry but have pores around nose area and need to find a good moisturizer/ routine for winter!!! Any suggestions???

  10. RenaTa
    RenaTa says:

    I am binge watching your videos (WHY DID YOUTUBE RANDOMLY SHOWED ME YOUR VIDEO SO LATE, WHYYY?!), I love your humor and attitude, and oh dear god you’re in Hawaii! heaven insert Maryiah Carrey high tones

  11. Manu Villacarillo
    Manu Villacarillo says:

    I also use coconut oil all over my face, my pores are literally inexistent so I think this works well on my skin because it doesn't clog my pores that much? Plus I'm super super oily so..

  12. Emily Crosse
    Emily Crosse says:

    i have a really bad problem with blackheads i cant get rid of them at all. i use no make-up and put nothing on my face other than dove soap to wash. please help

  13. janice mcgill
    janice mcgill says:

    I have the positions formula a healthy skin oil it’s got so many benefits to it but it doesn’t make your face greasy I mean and actually tries and I always put that on first then I put on my vitamin boost and then I put on my moisturizer’sAnd the reason I mention physicians formula so much is because I’m completely cruelty free so I only use brands that do not test on animals including my make up

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