☾ Reacting to and recreating my first makeup video ever!
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47 replies
  1. Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis says:

    Love this! Gave me so much life as a new youtuber! You did a great job back then and now. When I was in college I didn't even do half of what I was supposed too lol! I'm talking no primer, using lotion as a moisturizer, the foundation only… MESS lmao

  2. Ali Beltre
    Ali Beltre says:

    I’ve been following you for SO long now and you’ve helped me have more love for my curly hair. You’ve also inspired me to try bold and bright colours in my hair too! Thank you for being one of the dopest, nicest and baddest bitch on here ❤️💗💕

  3. Crystal Hunter
    Crystal Hunter says:

    Awww The “Smartista Beauty” is so nostalgic 😭😭 I was watching you in middle school/early high school trying to get this hair & face right 🤣🤣 currently a sophomore in college and still a proud supporter ✊🏾❤️❤️

  4. TheNightRainProductions
    TheNightRainProductions says:

    Literally my favorite beauty YouTuber. Thanks Bri for taking us along with you and sharing your process and progress with us. You’re videos have really helped (and continue to help) me. Sending love and positivity you’re way. 💕

  5. Callmepeajay
    Callmepeajay says:

    Once I had seafood ramen (which I love) because I was sick and I had a bad mussel and baybeeeeee….the night was definitely CANCELED. I lost so much weight in one night I thought I was going to die😂

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