Ever wanted to hear Jhene Aiko do an ASMR video? This is the video. Check out Jhene Aiko’s new True Portrait Foundation application video, ASMR style, and let her voice sooth you and bring on the tiny goosebumps with her whisper! She taps, she whispers, she crunches ice, she even brings in a bunny to do some ASMR. Jhene’s ASMR will bring on all the tingles and will relax you to no end – along with a few laughs…

Jhene introduces you to True Portrait Foundation, a lightweight medium coverage foundation by Kat Von D Beauty. This foundation sets to a long-wear, airy matte finish. It has a liquid to powder formula and flexes with your skin. It comes in 40 vegan shades and won’t clog your pores. This video will tell you everything you need to know about the foundation along with application tips.

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