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Hey Guys, this is me back again with a new video where I am showing you how to make easiest wax at home and remove hair permanently.

You can remove hair of whatever part of your body with this WAX.
This wax helps to reduce the hair growth.

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Laser Hair Removal

32 replies
  1. Shivani Agarwal
    Shivani Agarwal says:

    Completely fake title of video…
    Even laser treatment cannot say permanent hair removal , after many sittings of laser, hair growth is diminished for about some months or even an year depending on the hair growth cycle of person… But again hair comes back lighter and finer…
    Sugaring technique works good but atleast don't misguide your subscribers , your subscribers trust you …so atleast show them real content .

  2. Simar Oberoi
    Simar Oberoi says:

    I prepared this it was same just like yours but after few applications it turns too sticky and sticks to my legs :-/ and to remove that was very difficult
    worst part was it sticks everywhere..( At kitchen shelf, at table, even at my book :-p )

  3. Amir Ali
    Amir Ali says:

    kareen ye to bata dy oilve oil hair k liye kon sa lena ha oilve oil 2 hain……ak khano madlny wala aur 2sar body ki malisha karny wala plz reply

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