White Hair removal


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I’m showing this treatment because it was a difficult case for me and I didn’t do such a great job. It’s important for fellow electrologists to see that even experienced practitioners have difficulty. I like to focus on tough cases and not just show successes.

As noted in the video, this 65-year-old man’s skin was really tough. His hairs were large, close-together (a forest) and the roots were gigantic. The client also had back problems, so positioning him was difficult.

In this case I relied on thermolysis because the “gas-blow” (tight follicle openings) from the DC lifted the stratum corneum (outer layer of the epidermis). I used about 0.5 mA: that’s about a third of normal body technique levels for the blend. Thermolysis was manual at moderately high levels.

As noted, nearly all the root sheaths inverted or sheared-off as the hairs were removed from the follicles. The further complication was seeing the white hairs and I had to use cross-lighting. Most of the time the light was in my face, and the camera was uncomfortably close. I had to twist my head to get in there. I hated doing this case, but I wanted you to see how hair sheaths invert and form plugs in the follicles.

Most of the time, you don’t see the clumps of sheath, because they are too small. Usually the clumps in the dead follicles cause pustules … but those too, are no problem. Just wash them out; no need for “products.”

Thankfully, the procedure turned out just fine. The client is happy and, well, so am I.

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  1. Vikas Singh
    Vikas Singh says:

    Sir I want to know your address. I am an indian. I have about 400 white hair in my beard. I want to remove them. please tell me its charge also. my age is 35 years.

  2. Sophia Gewarges
    Sophia Gewarges says:

    I recently found your YouTube channel. After laser hair removal failed me, I have decided to do electrolysis. What do I need to know to have permanent hair removal with no more regrowth?

  3. reyuva hair
    reyuva hair says:

    Great Job Micheal, specially the explanations are really good. Only in few follicles the root sheath buckled up, don't you compress the skin and force the sheath material out of the follicle, it does work to extract the dead sheath material out, though not in all the cases. What is your opinion??

  4. Ari Mahmoud Ali
    Ari Mahmoud Ali says:

    dear DR,
    really nice musical sound and excellent job…
     please can you advice me on how to get this treatment done for myslef as
    im desprate to remove my unwanted white beards thas been with me since 7
    years from the age of 19. im fed up with shaving or coluring and I rather have white later on.
    thnk you.

  5. Blue41e
    Blue41e says:

    I am here because I had a thermolysis session last week and the whole experience was just weird, so I was curious to see other do it. I'm glad I followed my instincts and will not return to that place . She would "shake" the probe when it was all the way at the bottom of the shaft, I asked her why and she said it's a trick she learned to help distract clients from the pain. (I disagree with her it actually just feels like I have more to deal with). She also applied so much pressure with her probe hand (when I brought this up she didn't apologize, She explained that it is also a technique to distract client) and with her tweezer hand she actually would first use to stretch the skin (so much to the point where I worried about my skin tearing, yes I'm sure that's not possible but at that moment…..) is this a thing to stretch the skin? How has She been doing this for 30 years? She kept insisting only on calendula for post care, I'm sure there must be other (cheaper) choices. She also used a high frequency wand with UV light which was painful, hot, and very loud. Is this a thing ? I'm googling right now but so far can't find anything. Sorry for long post or if anyone will even read it, just proves that people need to do their research before going ahead with just anyone, my biggest clue to send me running was that I never signed a consultation form of any kind. Thats a huge red flag in my books (am I right though?)

  6. Ирина Бережная
    Ирина Бережная says:

    Hi Michael , thank you very much for your video lessons, it very important for me, because I also electrologist, live in Ukraine, and sorry for my horrible English, May I ask you: how much hurt your clients, if Yes, you apply what analgesic means. Thanks

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