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The truth about my laser hair removal experience!

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Laser Hair Removal

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  1. Amina A
    Amina A says:

    First time finding a video about pulse light clinic!
    I just went to my first laser yesterday so good to know someone had good experience. She asked me about the pain level too.
    For my binkini area it’s was 6 I felt like I need something in my mouth to bite on.
    Everything else was a 5.
    legs was less painful like I legit didn’t feel anything most of the time she did my legs.

  2. Cecilia Dupuy Piquion
    Cecilia Dupuy Piquion says:

    I find it odd that in latin america most girls (not to say all) dont really care for their arm hairs. It was surprising to hear you say u shave them off.

    Btw i love your videos♥️ love from central america

  3. Aleah B.
    Aleah B. says:

    I can’t wait to get these treatments. I’m waiting until I get more income. The hair on my armpits and bikini area needs to be gone. Shaving there creates skin problems and having here there creates problems.

  4. Kat Pena
    Kat Pena says:

    For me it hurts a lot!!! I've done 3 sessions so far. I have sensitive skin, so lots of ingrown hairs and rashes every time I shaved, even with waxing I used to get ingrown hairs, so it had a been a dream of mine to get laser and I love it.

  5. Essie Rodriguez
    Essie Rodriguez says:

    I am so happy i got the notification for this video because these are exactly the questions I had.. I currently wax but it is painful and expensive for every month. i cant shave because i get really bad shaving rashes and its definitely not cute soo, i really do believe this is my only next alternative so i never have to worry 💁🏻‍♀️

  6. Kiersten H
    Kiersten H says:

    And hair down there helps keep out bad bacteria. But please do whatever you want with your body since you are a grown woman who cam do whatever you want to yourself. I'm just very anal over factual inaccuracies.

  7. Kiersten H
    Kiersten H says:

    Also shaving your arms does not make your hair grow in thicker. It's just that the cut from the blade lops off the the slimmer head of the hair, so when it does grow in you have made the thicker midshaft the top, this causing the illusion of thicker hair growing back after a shave.

  8. Kiersten H
    Kiersten H says:

    Lol, you're disclaimer makes no sense. You aren't being sponsored and this isn't an add, but they gave you free procedures so you would a video. Girl, I love you, but this sounds sketch. This isn't meant as hate, I'm just saying that you should just be forthright with them having you make a video. You shouldn't try to make people trust your review because you claim it's not an add or that they haven't sponsored you, people should be able to trust you because of your honest track record. It's things like this that make my question what is actually happening.

  9. Asha Keller
    Asha Keller says:

    I definitely agree that shaving the bikini area makes me feel cleaner, and overall i just think the good sis downstairs looks cuter when she's bald. We got the same struggle with hairy arms Lana but i've never worked up the courage to shave them, I've always just tried not to focus too much on them or else I'd get insecure about them lol. I soooo wanna get laser hair removal but I'm 17 sadly so I gotta wait….

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