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We’re back with another viewer skincare routine reaction! This week, I’m joined by Redondo Beach, CA dermatologist Annie Chiu, MD and we’re going to take a look at Giselle’s skincare routine. She’s currently dealing with hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, and the early signs of aging. Watch this video to see what we think of her current skincare routine.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount The secret to making your own sunless self-tanner, at home! It even works better than the popular brands, and is actually healthy for your skin!

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  1. loris bresolin
    loris bresolin says:

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  2. Destrada1225
    Destrada1225 says:

    Note: If you dont have majorly oily skin and don't wear make up, you probably don't need to double cleanse. I double cleansed a couple days and it dried me out and broke out a bit :/. Getting back to normal

  3. Candice Dodd
    Candice Dodd says:

    Her skincare routine in the morning gave me anxiety! Way too many products! I feel like a more, dense routine is suitable at night when your sleeping when your skin repairs itself.

    In the morning I have zero time to do all that so I keep it super simple with a gentle cleanser, maybe a toner and then my sunscreen moisturizer. Boom. Done

  4. nilu1121
    nilu1121 says:

    I get acne from jawline under and very few cases on my lower cheeks and lip area. I’m clear above my upper cheek to forehead. I hate neck acne so much!

  5. Joseph McDonald
    Joseph McDonald says:

    This acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) is very ideal for my daughter that is why she definitely love it. We have previously expended a hefty amount of money using different acne treatments for more than a year now but none of which had worked. I am actually glad we discovered this guide. After a couple of days of using it, I noticed its difference and her acne had disappeared after a couple of weeks. .

  6. Nicole S
    Nicole S says:

    Would love to see some of the alternatives Dr. Chiu recommends in the description box! Like an aha+vitamin c serum (?) or a sunscreen/moisturizer

  7. DimaRakesah
    DimaRakesah says:

    Just throwing this out there because I have done a tone of research on diet/lifestyle changes and hormones. In addition to the usual (get sleep, exercise, drink water, etc) a higher fiber diet is really key for hormonal issues. Fiber binds with excess hormones and carries them out of the body. Also reducing or removing exogenous hormones (medications like the pill, animal milks, meat) and avoiding eating/drinking from plastic containers (the chemicals in these can mimic hormones). Avoid processed soy (look for things like soy protein isolate and soybean oil in the ingredients) but unprocessed soy like steamed edamame is actually great to help block excess hormones from being used so they can be flushed out (by the fiber!) I also suggest reducing/avoiding caffeine, alcohol, drugs, processed foods, etc. which can throw your hormones all off. High fat diets can cause your body to hold onto excess hormones so a low fat diet can help flush out the extra. Sorry, low carb/keto is the opposite of what your body needs to flush out excess hormones. I suggest whole food plant based instead, it's low fat, low processed, has no hormones and high in fiber. DO NOT start taking large dose herbal hormone correction products without consulting a really knowledgeable herbalist/naturopath first, this stuff can mess you all up if you don't know what you're doing. Hope this helps my fellow hormonal acne folks 🙂

  8. kilat salju
    kilat salju says:

    the discussion on the chemical sunscreen blown my mind away that makes me need to subscribe to the channel. It is so knowledgeable when a beauty experts discussing with a dermatologist.

  9. Joseph McDonald
    Joseph McDonald says:

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  10. Paulina Pralina
    Paulina Pralina says:

    Ok so one inconsistence. How is it with people "getting used to" products? Susan said in few of her videos that it's not because they're used to it but because product worked to their optimal capacity. So what is true?

  11. Fragrance Free Beauty
    Fragrance Free Beauty says:

    Susan, you are amazing! I take notes but definitely could not pass the test, well not yet. Kudos to Gisele and all of the people who are on your show. I don't have the cajones, haha.
    I also appreciate that you bring in a Dermatologist to help add advice. Then you include a recap. Thank you for sharing your time and advice. You do alot for the community with all your channels and vlogs. It's much appreciated.
    I do have a question, you approve the Pixi Glow Tonic, I noticed it contains fragrance/parfum, synthetic fragrance/parfum is extremely toxic and has the potential to cause a lot of harm right away and long term. Is it because it's ok if it's less than 1%?
    I don't mean to be disrespectful, I have eliminated all fragrance/parfum in my cosmetics and skincare and if I don't have to, I would definitely have more choices as they are extremely limited. Thx again, Marie

  12. Ayo
    Ayo says:

    People’s skin routines are so complicated like rocket science I just wash my face moisturise done 😂 granted skins not great

  13. Jacky Star
    Jacky Star says:

    Almost ashamed to say I only wash my face when I remember and really only use water. When I feel my skin needs more I just use a mask either charcoal or clay. Should look into more skin care products.

  14. Luna
    Luna says:

    I’m a third into the video and it’s so crazy how similar our skin is! I will definitely implement these steps into my skincare routine!

  15. Rigby Janstar
    Rigby Janstar says:

    Susan in a new sub discovering your skin care videos 🙂 and there were a lot of products that were recommended but me being unfamiliar to many of that brands found it hard to keep track. Is it possible you can edit the products your recommending into the info box or just write the name of it on the screen as it's being said so I can pause and also write it down?

    I'm 27 with similar skin issues as Giselle which is why I was trying to catch every recommendation that was offered.
    Looking forward to watching more of your videos. Thanks for the great content 👍🏽

  16. Part-time Sleeper
    Part-time Sleeper says:

    I have struggled off and on with severe hormonal acne for several years (since I was about 19, I'm now 23) and watching your videos has helped my skin so much! I have been seeing a Derm for years, but honestly working out which products are best for my skin has helped me manage breakouts and re-texturize my skin!

    If you have adult hormonal acne I suggest getting blood tests to check your hormones. I have high testosterone and it is the major source of my acne problems, after being on spironolactone for several months and figuring out my dosage I very rarely deal with hormonal breakouts

    I also use rx skin products like Epiduo and aczone but, I don't think you necessarily need those as long as you are treating your hormone imbalance!

  17. Ashley Fenske
    Ashley Fenske says:

    Omg I need you to critique my skincare routine! My skin is almost the exact same as hers (hormonal ance on jaw line, dry on cheeks and forehead, oily T zone) butttt my skin is also red and reactive! My hyperpigmentation is red spots. Now I'm second guessing my precious la Roche posay sensitive mositurizer!

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